Regardless of Brexit referendum, the U.K is a prime destination for those seeking higher education and a change in lifestyle and continues to attract a host of people to its shores. If you’re someone who plans to move to the U.K, you’ll need to prepare in advance, as a certain time buffer is required for the process to be completed smoothly. Here are the rules and regulations pertaining to international pet transportation to the United Kingdom.

Pet Microchip

While travelling, you are required to keep certain identification handy, so it is easily verifiable. A microchip serves the same purpose for your pet; it is the only form of identification accepted for pets, and it is necessary for any movement overseas from any country. Fortunately, microchips are standardized, and the ISO 11784/11785 compliant chips are accepted in all countries. Ensure your chip is of the 16-digit variety before implanting it in your pet.

Once you get in touch with the pet relocation expert with your requirements, you need to discuss and arrange for the below-mentioned items/documents that one needs to possess for exporting from or importing pets to India.

Testing & Vaccination Require to Enter the U.K.

Travelling abroad requires you to have a passport. Your pet’s vaccination certificate is an important document. Not only a proof of vaccination, but it also serves as their pet passport, and is important to maintain as you would yours. Here are a few details your pet’s vaccination record must contain:

The vaccination certificate that you eventually receive should be signed by a vet, and have the following information on it:

  • Pet’s date of birth

  • Pet’s microchip number, date of implantation, and location on body

  • Date of rabies vaccination

  • Vaccine manufacturer and product information

  • Vaccine batch number

  • Vaccine expiration date

  • Vet’s signature and contact details

  • Description of your pet

  • Tapeworm treatment (dogs only).

**Note: Ensure your vaccination records is stamped twice against each vaccine. Also, ensure to check if your vaccine manufacturer is accepted in the U.K. If you plan to move abroad, consult your vet, and make sure that the vaccines you’ve administered in the country of origin are accepted in the U.K as well.

Your pet must be vaccinated against rabies before any travel to the U.K. Make sure to get them vaccinated at the same time as their microchip. Your pet cannot travel if their vaccination was less than 21 days ago. Since India is listed as a country with high rabies, you will require the results of a titer test before travelling, which can take a while.

A titer test measures the number of antibodies in a particular blood sample. Once your pet is vaccinated, wait for at least 30 days, and then submit a blood sample to a titer testing lab. The lab must be an EU-approved testing facility, which can be inside or outside the European Union.

Once the sample has been submitted to the proper lab and you get the results, the certificate of the blood test must show that the vaccination was successful with a minimum rabies antibody level of 0.5 IU/ml. Your vet should then hand over a copy of the results and update a health certificate with the day and date of sample extraction. The titer test results will remain valid indefinitely, provided you keep your pet’s vaccinations up to date.

Documents Required for Pet Travel to the U.K

You will require an international health certificate, as well as an animal health certificate for international pet travel to the U.K. this certificate is completed and signed by an authorized veterinarian, and contains an alpha-numeric code, details of vaccination, and treatment against tapeworm.

You will also need a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Animal Quarantine and Certification Service (AQCS) in India before you can embark on international travel with your pet.

Country Specific Requirements

The U.K reserves the right to prescribe animal quarantine against any imported animal which does not meet the import criteria or has incomplete documentation. Your pet may be quarantined or returned to the exporting country at your expense if documentation is not complete. The quarantine can last from 30 days to 4 months, depending on the disease-specific protocol.



Explore queries and frequent doubts about pet travel.

How do I take my pet from India to the UK?

You will need to book a flight and comply with the respective import requirements to take your pet from India to the UK.

Can I move my pets to the UK?

Yes, you can move your pets to the UK.

How much does it cost to bring a dog to the UK?

The cost of pet travel depends on factors like your point of origin and varies from location to location. On average, such a journey can cost between 2 and 5 lakh INR.

Can international students bring pets to UK?

Yes, international students can bring pets to the UK.

Can pets travel in cabin to the UK?

No, pets cannot travel in cabin to the UK.



Explore queries and frequent doubts about pet travel.

What Airlines Allow Pets To UK?

Emirates Airlines, Lufthansa, British Airways, and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines all fly pets to the U.K.

What Vaccinations Do Dogs Need to Enter UK?

Dogs require a rabies vaccination before entering the U.K. Dogs will also need parasite treatment before being granted entry to the country.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Dog on A Plane U.K?

The cost of an air shipment depends on various factors, such as the dog’s breed, size, age, required crate size, and so on. Contact to get a tailor-made quote for you and your pup.

Is It Worth Getting EU Pet Passport?

You will not be allowed to move within countries in the EU with your pet without an EU pet passport, so it is recommended you get one and maintain it if you reside in or around the area.

Can You Take Your Dog from The EU To UK?

Yes, you can take your dog from the EU the U.K. The rules and regulations to comply with change depending on your country of origin.

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