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There are various modes to travel with your pet. Depending on your destination, one mode of transport may be preferable to another. For instance, while road travel might be suitable when visiting a neighbouring city, it is not practical when moving across the length of the country. Similarly, over longer distances domestically & internationally, air travel is preferred due to its relatively short travel times and security.

There are, however, some places which are inaccessible by direct flights, and too far to commute to via roadways. The solution? Railways. Rail transport takes longer than travelling by air does, but also costs significantly less than an air journey. The only drawback is travel time, but that is to be expected. The upside is trains often operate through remote corridors of the country, places where direct air or road transportation is hard to come by.

How can I relocate via Indian Railways?

To relocate your pet via railways, you need to book a compartment for them. Indian Railways only allows pet parents to travel with their pets in a first-class A/C coach. You will need to visit a station master and book an entire compartment for the two (or more) of you. As a rule, you should always accompany your pet while travelling in a carriage as their owner. if you are unable to, ensure that someone you trust can do this in your absence. This is a plus point for journeys via railways,

Why Should I Use Train Travel?

Pet transportation by train is an excellent alternative to roadways or airways. Railways are economical, comfortable, and have minimal documentation requirements. You only need a health certificate to travel with your pet on a train, whereas you need a host of documents to travel with them via air. Since some pet parents are anxious about being separated from their pet for extended periods, it is a good option that allows you to stay alongside your pet. It is also a viable option for elderly pets, who require a gentler travel experience. If your priority is comfort instead of speed, choose rail transport.





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certification standards

What Makes a Crate IATA-approved?

  • Crate must have additional room for the pet to sit, stand, lie or turn around comfortably.

  • Crate must be strong and sturdy and secured by a proper locking system.

  • Crate must have the water and food bowl attached towards the inside of the front door and refillable from outside without having to open the door.

  • Crate must have continuous ventilation minimum on two sides (for domestic travel) and all four sides (in case of international travel).

  • Crate must have LIVE ANIMAL stickers pasted on the top and sides in letters that are at least 1 inch tall.

  • Crate must have LIVE ANIMAL stickers pasted on the top and sides in letters that are at least 1 inch tall.

  • Crate wheels must be removed and taped, to prevent it from skidding or rolling over.

  • Crate must have its pet’s details and owner’s contact information.


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How to Travel with Pets in Indian Railway?

Pets while travelling must be accompanied by Pet Parent or any other Representative. Booking of Train Tickets in AC 01st Class or First Class only. You cannot travel with your pet in 2nd or 3rd Class coaches.

How Many Pets Can I Travel with In the Train?

One person can take two pets in first class coupe or in case of 3 to 4 pets a first-class cabin needs to be booked. An application for allocation of the same must be submitted with Chief Reservation Officer.

What Documents Are Required?

Latest vaccination record of the pet​ Fit to Travel certificate of the pet.​ ID proof of traveller​ Essentials: Medicines/ newspaper/ pet pads/ disposable bags/ soap/ antiseptic/ food bowls/ collar, leash & muzzle/ blankets​ Pet Food (railways doesn’t provide food for animals)

How to Prepare My Dog for Train Journey?

Acclimatise your pet for travelling with it for short distances.​ Reduce the quantity of food intake for pets since they remain to be confined in a small place for long periods without any activity.​ For long distance travel identify the longest halt on the train route to give pet an opportunity to stretch his/ her legs (if dog)​ Cat (s) must be confined to pet crate only​ For mitigate stress it helps if you play with them as much as possible.

How long does it take to receive the Rabies Titer test results

Average Domestic Pet Transportation In India Can Cost Somewhere Between Rs. 20000/- To Rs. 60000/- INR. The Service Involves Parameters That Are Subject To Change On Distinctive Variants Like Size Of The Pet Crate, Modes Of Transportation Like Flight, Train And Car.

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