Pet Export to France

One of the hubs of Europe, France is a premier destination to travel to be it for work or for pleasure. Since it’s also a pet-friendly country, it’s a perfect place for pet lovers. There are a few things to consider, and a few requirements which must be met before you can do so. Here is everything you will require for international pet relocation to France.

ISO Microchip

Your pet will require identification proof before they can embark on an overseas journey. A pet microchip serves this purpose and is mandatory if you want travel abroad. The microchip should be of the ISO 11784/11785 variety, which is the standard 16-digit chip used worldwide. Remember to microchip your pet before or at the same time as their rabies vaccination.

Pet Passport

Your pet’s vaccination record serves as a record of immunization, as well as their passport. Since it is an extremely important document, it must be maintained with up to date information. The record should contain the following details:

  • Pet’s date of birth

  • Pet’s microchip number, date of implantation, and location on body

  • Date of rabies vaccination

  • Vaccine manufacturer and product information

  • Vaccine batch number

  • Vaccine expiration date

  • Vet’s signature and contact details

  • Description of your pet

  • Tapeworm treatment (dogs only).

You are also required to vaccinate your pet against rabies and conduct a titer test soon after. A rabies titer test measures the number of antibodies present in a blood sample and confirms that the vaccination has been successful. The results of the test must show that the vaccination was successful, that us, it is a minimum rabies antibody level of at least 0.5 IU/ml.Remember to wait for at least 30 days after the vaccination before sending a sample for testing.

Parasite Treatment

Tapeworm treatment is necessary before entering France. Prescribed treatment must contain praziquantel or an equivalent, proven to be effective against the Echinococcus Multilocularis tapeworm. This treatment must be provided no earlier than 120 hours, and no less than 24 hours before the scheduled time of entry into the country.

Documents and Paperwork Required

There are a few certificates you will need to travel overseas. First, you’ll need an animal health certificate, which should contain an alpha-numeric code, details of vaccination and a history of treatment against parasites. This document is valid for ten days. An export NOC is compulsory to leave the country and can be found with the AQCS. You will also require an EU-health certificate, and an international health certificate. You can only fly with your pet after all these documents are in order.

Banned Breeds

France bans the entry of certain breeds of dog, deeming such breeds dangerous due to their strength, history, or nature. The following breeds are considered “attack dogs” by the French, and are prohibited from entering the country:

  • Staffordshire Terrier

  • American Staffordshire Terrier (Pibull)

  • Mastiff (Boerbull)

  • Tosa

Your pet may be put into quarantine or returned to the country of departure at the importer’s expense if they are not accompanied with correct documentation. France has a few conditions for pets entering from outside the EU. Carry My Pet helps streamline and simplify this process, making it as simple as making a phone call. Enjoy stress-free pet travel, wherever your destination may be. Contact to begin planning your trip today.



Explore queries and frequent doubts about pet travel.

How Do I Move to France with My Cat?

Once you have completed the import documentation, vaccination, and other requirements such as a microchip, you will be granted entry into France.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Dog to France?

The end cost of shipping a dog depends on a variety of factors, such as the age, size, breed, crate size, and distance to destination. For a tailor-made quote, you can contact

What Is a Category 2 Dog in France?

Dogs classified as category 2 breeds are guard dogs or attack dogs. These dogs are only allowed entry to France after extra licenses, assessments, and training courses. Tosa Inu, Pedigree Staffordshire Terrier, Pedigree American Staffordshire Terrier, and Rottweiler are all classified as category 2 dogs.

Can Pets Fly in Cabin to France?

Yes, provided they are under a certain size and weight limit. Consult your airlines to find put the exact crate dimensions they allow in cabin.

Is Pet Relocation Expensive?

Average Domestic Pet Transportation In India Can Cost Somewhere Between Rs. 20000/- To Rs. 60000/- INR. The Service Involves Parameters That Are Subject To Change On Distinctive Variants Like Size Of The Pet Crate, Modes Of Transportation Like Flight, Train And Car.

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