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For your pet’s safety they are only allowed to travel in an IATA-approved fibre crate. Made from metal and fibreglass, these crates range from 21 inches to 48 inches in length and are designed specifically for your pet’s safety and comfort while travelling.

Every airline lists an IATA-approved crate as a mandatory travel requirement, both for domestic and international pet travel. The Indian Railways also list it as a mandatory requirement, but only for cats. A crate is recommended during road travel as well for passenger and driver safety, provided your pet isn’t too large to fit in one.

Why do I require an IATA-approved crate for my pet’s air travel?

IATA has specified certain guidelines for crates permitted in airlines for pet travel. Fabricated from fibreglass, these crates remain stable, strong and sturdy on the ground as well as during the landing and taking off of a flight.

They have wired steel windows for proper ventilation and two food bowls can be installed in the mesh gate of the cage for feeding pets. Also equipped with detachable wheels, these crates make transportation of the pet easier.

How can I select an appropriate crate for my pet’s travel?

You can measure your pet using the following guidelines. Based on these dimensions and certain calculations, an appropriate kennel is finalised for the pet’s flight.

  • length of the pet – from the tip of the nose to the root of the tail,

  • width of the pet – Across shoulders

  • height of the pet – From the top of the head to the floor.





24 inches 28 inches 32 inches 36 inches 40 inches 48 inches
technical specifications

Ensuring Your Pet’s Safety
in Transit

certification standards

What Makes a Crate IATA-approved?

  • Crate must have additional room for the pet to sit, stand, lie or turn around comfortably.

  • Crate must be strong and sturdy and secured by a proper locking system.

  • Crate must have LIVE ANIMAL stickers pasted on the top and sides in letters that are at least 1 inch tall.

  • Crate must have continuous ventilation minimum on two sides (for domestic travel) and all four sides (in case of international travel)

  • Crate must have LIVE ANIMAL stickers pasted on the top and sides in letters that are at least 1 inch tall.

  • Crate must have LIVE ANIMAL stickers pasted on the top and sides in letters that are at least 1 inch tall.

  • Crate must have its pet’s details and owner’s contact information.


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What Is An IATA Approved Crate?

The IATA or International Air Transport Association approved pet crates are containers which are designed specifically for your pet’s comfort and safety while flying, and approved by the IATA for the same.

What Size Crate Can Fit Under An Airplane Seat?

Crates which are with the dimensions of 18.6 X 8.5 X 13.5 inches can fit under an airplane seat.

How Do I Know If My Crate Is IATA Approved?

Your pet crate has to meet a few requirements to be IATA approved: plastic/metal/wood constructions, 2-3 door fasteners on the container, metal nuts and bolts only, no sharp surfaces inside the container, ventilation, leak-proof floor, solid roof, handles, absorbent bedding, 2 accessible bowls, and live animal stickers with name of pet.

How do you know if a crate is IATA approved?

Pet Mostly Get Anxious During Travel To Avoid This You Can Train Your Pet For Socialising Skills. Crate Train The Pet For A Comfortable Journey. Take Him To Large Crowed Make Him Comfortable With The Noises In The Surrounding.

What Are The Standard Sizes Of IATA Approved Dog Crates

Standard sizes range from Small, Intermediate-B, Medium Intermediate-B, Intermediate-A, Large, Extra Large, Medium Extra Large, and Giant.

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