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Carry My Pet was born from a simple vision – to provide a safe, hassle-free, and premium pet transportation service to pet parents in the country. Fast forwarding to today, with over 6000 successful relocations under our belt, we have accomplished that vision. With the biggest network pan-India, our services ease your burden in a safe, secure, and economic fashion. Choose India’s most trusted pet transportation company, choose Carry My Pet.

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Our Services

International Pet Relocation

Hassle-free and safe international pet relocations

Domestic Pet Transportation

Fast and reliable domestic pet transportation

Pet Travel
via Train

Economical & reliable trips over longer distances

Pet Microchip

Buy the ISO compliant pet microchip required for travel.

Pet Crate

Browse and buy an IATA-approved crate for your pet 

Rabies Titer Test

RNAT facilities for your overseas journey




With thousands of relocations completed across 50+ countries, no journey is too long and no destination is too far. Over the course of these relocations, there are a few places which have emerged as popular destinations for pets and pet parents.

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Why Choose Us?

Shipping a pet is a far more laborious process than any other form of shipment. Since the cargo in this instance is a live animal, and somebody’s pride and joy at that, one has to be extra careful and implement a set of standards to ensure a safe and comfortable trip, no matter how close or far. We understand how difficult such a move can be. Our experienced team of dedicated pet handlers are here to clear your mind with continuous, consistent updates. Our customer support team is ready to answer any query you have, and with a presence in every major metropolitan city and well-beyond, you’ll have nothing but a safe, relaxing, and enjoyable excursion with us by your side. Choose Carry My Pet, and enjoy a hassle-free journey with your baby.

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Moving pets within borders is a troublesome task, with a stack of documents to be proofed and submitted, and considering a lot of shipping restrictions. There are primarily three modes of transporting pets in India Air, Train and Ground shipping.’

A person can get maximum two pets either Dog or Cat to India. Relocating pets to India requires documents like, Import Permit ( NOC ) , AQCS Certificate, Veterinary Health Certificate from the country of origin, Pet microchip and updated vaccination record.

The best option to travel with your pet depends upon distance, time and health of your pet. There are three modes to travel with your pet Flight, Train and Ground Shipping ( Cab ). If you are travelling international Flight is the only option as well as one of the safest way to travel with your pet.

The pet should be free from any physical injury and in a sound health to travel. Second important thing is to choose a right sized IATA approved pet crate for your pet’s safe and comfortable journey. A fit travel health certificate is required from the Veterinary that the pet is fir travel.

Pet mostly get anxious during travel to avoid this you can train your pet for socialising skills. Crate train the pet for a comfortable journey. Take him to large crowed make him comfortable with the noises in the surrounding.

Average domestic pet transportation in India can cost somewhere between Rs. 20000/- to Rs. 60000/- INR. The service involves parameters that are subject to change on distinctive variants like size of the pet crate, modes of transportation like Flight, Train and Car.

Pet Transportation Cost In India via Flight, flight boarding charges and the clearing charges; and the freight charges ranging from 10-30k basis volumetric weight. Via Train, Railways can be a cheap mode of transportation and pocket-friendly, ranging from 10-20k INR, Via Car, The cost of transporting your pet through your pet can vary as per the distance of the pick up points. On an average the cost ranges from 15 to 25 INR per km.

Yes, absolutely. The cargo is temperature controlled and is pressurized just like the cabin. With all the necessary requirements, your pet is safe in the cargo, and hence there is no need to worry.


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