27 Oct

How to Train Your Pets to Cope Up With Separation Anxiety?

Most pets, especially dogs have a similar flow of emotions as humans. Pets react perpetually alike and would consequently require their own time to adjust to a given environment after the pet relocation.

This time of adjustment as well as copping up with the newness gets higher in intensity when it comes to a sudden relocation or shifting of your pet. In such given conditions, your pet is certain to have separation anxiety and more than anything else, it becomes important for you to learn to deal with it in the right ways.

Pets are more like babies which makes it essential to take things step by step with them. Here are some ways that must be adopted to make your newly relocated pets familiar with the novel place and routines that will come with it.

1. Make Them Familiar to the Surroundings


Out in a new space, your pet is bound to feel alienated. It won’t feel like home to them and here is where your role comes in. Let’s understand it this way- when we go to a new restaurant or a city, we as humans tend to look as well as explore things in depth to make ourselves learned about the things around us. This is exactly why new parents are advised to give a tour to their infants at a new place before settling down, so that they do not go all bizarre crying their way down. A sense of knowing the place is a must to be developed.

A similar aspect goes for the pets. It is advised to encourage them to explore the new location as much as possible after moving the pet to a new city or country. It is important for the pet to get used to the rooms, furniture, yards and lawns, along with some of the areas nearby. Do not rush into it and understand that everything is as much of a new to your pet as it is to you.

2. Leaving Them Alone for the First Time


This could be hard for not just you but also your newly relocated pet. Adjusting in an alien environment is already giving your pet a hard time, but it is also true that you would have to leave them alone at a given point. This might be a nightmare for your pet who has recently shifted to a different part of the country

Mapping the situation above is what is a consequence of separation anxiety. While the same pet would have never minded it in its old surroundings, it might do now.

The key is to take baby steps. Start by leaving your relocated pet alone for smaller duration, for example, while you go out to refill the grocery. Shorter spans and continuous understanding of you coming back to home to your pet will help them built a trust in the process and would also give them a sense of safety in the location that the pet has been recently shifted to.

3. Conditions Attention


Your pet is at its most vulnerable condition when they are trying to settle at ease in the new place. As their humans, it is your responsibility to make them feel wanted. This is actually also the time that they need your maximum attention. While it is true that even you are copping to all things novel, you must not forget to take your pet out for a walk, or simply take out time to play as well as relax with them.

Do whatever your pet loves, especially the things you did at the last location. This gives them a sense of ease and in no time shall they get use to the new site.

4. Love is They Need


Pets need attention and endless love. Therefore, it is time for you to practice compassion towards your pet. It must be understood that your pet doesn’t possess the logical reasoning of you shifting places. It is going to leave them all messed up in the head and confused. They might also end up being a lot more fuzzy and cranky. But all they need at this point is an emotional understanding from you.

Try taking care of the points above and you will notice how easily and quickly your baby adjusts to the new place after the pet has been relocated. Also, connect with Carry My Pet for a hustle free pet relocation domestically and internationally.



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