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How to Make Smarter Choices for Your Pet's Health

Much like people, pets require care and attention to be healthy, happy and thrive in their environment. Whether you’re a veteran of pet ownership or a first-time pet parent, knowing your pet’s requirements and ticking all the boxes is necessary. To help you cover all bases, we’ve compiled this handy checklist to take you through your pet’s health and hygiene to ensure they stay healthy and happy. 

Here Is a Handy Checklist for Your Pet’s Hygiene

Dental Health  

Maintaining your pet’s dental health is important to their overall hygiene and health. Dental conditions can often be symptoms of underlying health issues and can be dangerous if left untreated, which is why you must check on your pet’s tooth and gum health regularly. Pet dogs and cats can often hide the pain they may be feeling due to dental trouble, so look out for any swollen or bleeding gums and if any teeth are cracked. 

Unlike people, pets will not require daily brushing, and you can use dental chews or toys to improve dental health between these periods. Brushing a few times a week is enough to ensure your pet will not face any pain. Consult your vet if you need any guidance or help. 

Healthy & Balanced Diet

Obesity is one of the most prevalent conditions visible in pets today. Unhealthy dietary habits like table feeding, an excess of treats, and a lack of exercise can all contribute to weight which is difficult to shed.

Make sure you are not feeding your pet any table scraps, as these will pile on the pounds quickly, and not all human food is good for pets anyway. Regulate the number of treats you provide, as the sugar in store-bought treats can contribute significantly to weight gain.

It is also a good idea to consult your vet and get a recommended portion size, as this will help you nourish your pet without the risk of obesity; there are many factors to consider before making a change in a pet's diet like their age, size, breed, etc. and any changes should be made after consulting your vet.

Routine Vet Visits

Vet visits are very important for your pet’s health. Unlike humans, animals cannot express their pain or discomfort, and since most humans are not vets who can recognize signs of underlying health conditions, vet visits are important to measure and maintain your pet’s overall health. 

Vets will check on your pet’s coat, organs, vaccination routines, and dietary requirements, and scan for conditions and diseases like obesity and dental trouble. Regular vet visits will also help your vet gauge your pet’s overall health between visits, which makes it easier to spot any conditions or issues that may arise between visits. 

Regular Exercise 

A still body is a stiff body, and our pets are no exception to this rule. Regular physical exercise and activity have plenty of benefits and no drawbacks; exercise helps build strength, reduces weight, stimulates the brain, and boosts a pet's overall mood. It also reduces the risk of joint and muscular issues in the future.

Exercise doesn’t mean you just work out though; regular playtime can also serve as quality time, where you can have fun with your pet and strengthen your bond. Different pets will have different exercise requirements due to their age, size, and breed, but all pets love spending time with their owners.

Clean Environment and surroundings 

Cleanliness in and around the house is important for both your and your pet’s health. Items your pet interacts with daily such as bedding, toys, food/water bowls, blankets, and so on can accumulate dirt and bacteria when not cleaned frequently. 

Deep cleaning these daily items regularly will ensure your pet always interacts with a clean and hygienic household. Make sure to clean your pet off when returning from outside, before they interact with any indoor items, so they remain cleaner for longer. 

To conclude, provided you feed your pet good quality foods, follow a balanced diet, stimulate them physically & mentally, and socialize them at the right time, you should have no issues maintaining their health. Do remember to visit your vet regularly and make sure to enjoy all the time you can get together.



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