How to Move My Pet Internationally from India

How to Move My Pet Internationally from India


There was a time when, in India, travelling across borders was a far-fetched thought. And then in 1948 on the 8th of June, Air India flew its maiden International flight to London with 25 passengers on board. Hence the journey started, passengers, flying across borders, for commercial and leisure needs.

In today’s times, travel seems to be just another chore. Leaving all the fears and inhibitions behind, people travel internationally for various reasons like vacations, business trips or just to meet a family member. Hence the thought, ‘why should humans have all the fun’?

The beautiful trend of adopting pets has been accelerating over the years because studies reveal that pets make us emotionally happy, and caring for them provides a sense of purpose and fulfilment, and let’s face it, in the current times we all are just waiting for that one smile on our faces seeing a wagging tail come along and play with us.

Moving pets internationally, was and still is a new concept in many countries, with either the population not believing in the ‘different’ concept or the airlines not providing enough provisions to ship your pet internationally because quite frankly how else would you think of shipping them?

Relocating or merely travelling from one country to another can be overwhelming given different cultural and social norms including their traditions, language, and cuisine. As if this is not enough, it gets even more stressful for pet parents to first evaluate whether or not to travel with their pets or leave them behind, and if at all to travel with them, then how exactly should they do international pet transportation owing to different legalities of various countries, a lot of documentation, and the waiting period which makes it a challenge for pet parents to relocate with their pets. And thus, comes the role of international pet shipping services’ expert to provide smooth hassle-free solution of moving pets internationally, i.e., door-to-door pick up till drop of the pets globally.

Pet transport across borders is classified into two categories, that international pet relocation import (bringing pets to India) and international pet relocation export (bringing pets from India). Both these processes, depending on the countries involved, require a series of steps to be followed with the important information filled out through documentation. Also, every country has different regulations for incoming and outgoing pets, including mandatory pet quarantine in some, especially during current times. For example, while bringing pets to India, according to the import customs, one cannot import pets but can get their pet with them subject to the mandatory clauses.

Once you get in touch with the pet relocation expert with your requirements, you need to discuss and arrange for the below-mentioned items/documents that one needs to possess for exporting from or importing pets to India:

1. Passport For pet Relocation


Passport details, Air ticket, visa copy, and travel details of the pet owner in case of export of your dog or cat from India to other destinations.

2. Resident proof for Pet Transport


Document establishing continuous stay in India for at least two years with proof of transfer of residence to India in case of import of your pet to India.

3. Documents Needed for Pet Transport


Photographs, AWB, travel details, and details of your dog or cat like size and breed among others.

4. Resident proof for Pet Transport

IATA Approved Crates for Pet Transfer

Renting or buying IATA-approved crate and its accessories like water sipper or absorbing mats.

5. Flight Cargo

Flight Cargo for Pet Delivery

Looking for flight cargo/accompanied baggage booking, depending upon how you want to ship your pet internationally.

6. Documentation


Arranging documents required as per Animal Quarantine and Certification Services (AQCS), India, and Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT).

7. NOC(No Objection Certificate)


No Objection Certificate (NOC) – Import permit, in case of importing pets to India.

8. Vaccination Record

Complete the vaccination record of the dog or cat with an authorized health certificate from the government-approved veterinary in the country of origin

9. Rabies Titre Test for Pet Fly

pet fly

Rabies Titre test for dog/rabies titre test for cat/ rabies titre test for any other pet to ensure your pet is in good health and free from any livestock disease or viral infection.

10. Fit to Fly Pet Relocation Certificate

Fit to fly

Getting a fit-to-fly certificate acknowledging that your dog or cat is fit to travel internationally

11. Pet Microchip

Pet Microchipping for Pet Relocation

12. Pet Taxi

Arrangement for Pet Taxi

Arranging for a pet taxi for airport transfers that safely takes your pet from home to the airport on the day of the relocation.

13. Professional Help

Best Pet Relocation Service

Taking assistance of the pet relocation company for providing a professional pet relocation expert escorting your dog or cat from home to the airport.

14. Pet Quarantine

Pet Quarantine Facilities

Arranging for pet quarantine facilities as per requirements of the country concerned.

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