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International pet import is a complex and daunting task amid strict paperwork and Customs in place which makes International Pet Relocation Import even more troublesome and you bound to feel exhausted. Carry My Pet offer import for your pet dog, cat, and other animal species.


Do you want to import your pet to India? Well, to save our pet parents from the harassment of indulging and coordinating with several government agencies Carry My Pet provides exclusive pet import services in India and manages all the required documents, and simultaneously takes required approvals from the government agencies for the import of your furry friend. Pet relocation is not an easy process because extra attention is required for the same.

When a pet is transferred, hefty documentation is a part of the process and is difficult to get through. We provide hassle-free paperwork so that you and your pet don’t have to face any inconvenience. There are a few things that need to be approved and stamped while you import your pet:

  1. NOC is a ‘No Objection Certificate’, also called an import permit. You need to have that permit for your pet to enter India, whether it enters accompanied baggage or a part of the airline cargo.

  2. You also need a 30-day quarantine certification, which proves that your pet has received the required vaccination and is healthy.

  3. A certificate of good health needs to be obtained from the vet as well.

We provide you with all these documents to help your pet have travel free of any troubles. Your pet will be having a microchip installed in it, which is the only proof of identity. We make sure that your pet is comfortable during its travel, with water sippers and mattresses by its side to relax, while you relax at home. From the documentation to the immigration; and from comfort to safety, we make sure that everything is top-notch to help you and your pet have stress-free shipping. So prepare your pet for a happy journey and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Get Rabies Titre Test With Carry My Pet

If you are planning for international pet relocation, there are certain pet import rules and regulations that you need to abide by like microchipping your pet, getting a health certificate etc. for the pet delivery to the destination. Out of many such import requirements.

Get Rabies Titre Test With Carry My Pet

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Pet Microchip

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To transfer your pet domestically and internationally (export and import), you need to buy one of the pet accessories, a microchip for pets, as it is the only proof of identity that your pet can have while travelling to ensure its safe travel. It is necessary to ensure your pet is microchipped because if your pet gets lost.

get your pet microchipped

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