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Do you Know ? Pet Microchip is a mandatory requirement if you ever plan to travel with your pet International.
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“A Permanent Proof Of Identity, Unlike Collors and Nametags, not Physically removable”

RFID ISO 15 Digits Animal Microchip

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Just as you have identification, your pet needs proof of ID as well. What proof of ID can they have? The answer is a pet microchip. It serves as their ID and contains details of their vaccinations as well. Such a chip helps you identify your pet in case of a mix up and is a necessary requirement to travel overseas. As such a chip is a radio-frequency identification transponder. It is tiny, requires no power, and only requires a short, one-time implantation procedure for lifetime protection.

As a microchip is roughly the size of a grain of rice, the implantation process is easy. It is implanted typically between your pet’s shoulder blades (though this varies from pet to pet), through a syringe like a vaccination is. The process is quick and relatively painless, with no anesthesia required. With a certified veterinarian, the process is quick and painless, with no further maintenance required to ensure its protection.

The benefits of getting your pet microchipped are numerous, with no drawbacks. It serves as permanent proof of ID, because unlike collars and nametags, it is not physically removable. Such a chip contains a 15-digit identification number. If your pet ever gets lost or mixed up, a vet can scan their chip, cross-reference their number with the maker of the chip, and find the pet parent’s contact information. A microchip also contains your pet’s vaccination records, which are necessary to travel overseas.

In short – Yes. For one, microchips are standardized around the world, and a vast majority of countries list it as a mandatory requirement to import your pet. Even if your destination does not list it as a requirement, the Animal Quarantine and Certification Service in India requires every pet being exported to be microchipped. If your pet isn’t, they will not grant you an export No Objection Certificate (NOC), without which your pet cannot leave the country with you.

Microchips for pets around the globe are standardized. The standard, 15-digit, non-encrypted ISO 11784/11785 are used and accepted worldwide. So yes, your pet needs a microchip to travel. Even if your travels are domestic, an extra safety net for the well-being of your pet is always welcome.

Carry My Pet provides standardized, non-encrypted, ISO 11784/11785 microchips for pets.

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