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Why Should I Hire a Professional Pet Relocator?

Regardless of the circumstance, leaving behind a familiar and comfortable environment can be a little jarring. Whether due to newer employment opportunities or simply for a change in scenery, a move is a big commitment, with an innumerable amount of factors to account for. And that’s just for us humans. If you have a pet or two, as a sizeable amount of the general public does, you’ll have to factor in the conditions for them to travel with you and plan accordingly.

You don’t need to be a scientist to understand why a move can be an anxiety-inducing affair for all involved. Moving humans from one place to another can be complex, but moving pets is a whole new ball game. For instance, the requirements you’ll need to fulfil vary from country to country, so depending on your destination, you may need to begin preparations months in advance.

The requirements can also be complex to the point where you need the help of professionals. Given the sensitive nature of the cargo in question, seeking professional help/advice can help you save time, energy, and avoid any potential setbacks which may present themselves, which goes a long way in helping your mind stay at ease during a tense period. 

Here are a Few Reasons to Choose a Professional Relocator


Having conducted thousands of relocations, a pet transportation company or professional is extremely well-versed in the procedures and requirements of different destinations. While you could conduct the process yourself after some research, the information found on websites aren’t necessarily updated, which can pose a problem further down the line. With a professional service, there is no room for any such miscommunication, meaning your trip is guaranteed to be a smooth one.

With a network of professionals who are always updated on the rules and regulations pertaining to import, a professional company constantly update their shippers on the same, to ensure there are no unwelcome surprises while the move is underway.  Even if some issue presents itself, a professional will have a backup plan or prior experience of dealing with this issue and resolve it without hindering any aspect of your pets journey.


Given that your pet is moving to a new location, chances are, you’re moving too. Your pet(s) is not the only one to account for, if you’re in charge of overseeing your relocation. Trying to fulfil import requirements of another country, for both humans and animals, all while making arrangements to begin your exciting new life in this country can feel overwhelming. A professional pet relocator takes care of both the main issues associated with a relocation: the paperwork, and the travel arrangements.

For instance, every country publishes their own set of rules pertaining to pet import/export. There are different certificates to procure, various tests to be conducted (at an appropriate and compliant lab), and even your vets accreditation to verify in some cases (the U.S.A requires your titer test sample to be submitted to only a USDA-approved blood testing lab, for example).

Then there’s the matter of health certificate. While your vet will fill it in for you, you are required to bring this certificate to your vet, meaning you’ll need to do some research of your own. Depending on your destination, there will be specific requirements regarding the vaccination record of your pet as well, with specific labs, stamps, and stickers required on it. Your pet’s vaccination record serves as their passport, so any inconsistencies or errors in this record will halt your movement instantly.

Then there’s the matter of transportation. While you can opt for other modes depending on the distance between your points of origin and destination, air travel is the frequently chosen option due to the short travel times it provides over longer distances.  Airlines have their own sets of rules regarding various aspects of your travel, such as their size, breed, age, and so on.

They have certain times of the year when the climate is too hot or cold, and your pet cannot travel due to safety reasons. What’s more, you need to book your ticket in a specific way, as most airlines require you to inform them if you intend on traveling with your pet. If you make a booking without taking this into consideration, you could be out of pocket for a couple of flight tickets on which your pet cannot travel.

Having conducted innumerable relocations, a pet relocator is familiar with the ins and outs of every countries import requirements, and has contingency plans in case of any unforeseen circumstances. They will know the veterinarians, blood testing labs, and even have tie ups with certain airlines on occasion, which frees up the most precious resource humankind has: time. Essentially, a pet relocator takes all the lengthy processes and the hassle that comes with it, and makes it their own, so you’re left with time to focus on your own move.

Peace and Convenience

Things go wrong from time to time. It is a basic reality of life; no matter how well one plans for something, life will find a way to surprise us. A misplaced health certificate or incorrectly-filled health certificate can be disastrous, especially if it happens close to your date of departure. The costs alone will be astronomical, given how you’ll have to repeat every step of the process.

A pet relocator helps you remain peaceful and calm during a particularly nervous time, making sure that the paperwork is filled properly, and manage other relevant aspects of your travel. Even if something does go wrong, they can simply arrange alternatives for you. Crucially, they remove all the risk and requirements from your shoulders, and take it upon themselves, so you can focus on your own move an stress it brings.

Depending on your needs and requirements, a certain aspect of a pet relocation may appeal to you. Maybe its because you are unfamiliar with the paperwork process, maybe you don’t know the blood testing processes, or maybe you just need some time to plan your own move. There are various factors to consider, and depending on various factors about your move, you can determine whether or not you require a relocator. You’re essentially paying a professional to take the hassle of the process & its various aspects upon themselves, so you don’t have to think about it. Given how the cargo here is your pet, professional aid may not be such a bad idea.

If you have further queries or require someone to plan your trip with your pet, call (890) 890-9020 or mail us at We provide domestic and international pet relocation services, with your pet being picked up from and delivered to your doorstep, and our team of experts ensure your pet gets the love, comfort, and care they deserve while travelling.



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