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International Pet Flight Services From India to Canada

Planning to move to Canada and wondering how to bring your beloved pet with you? Do not worry.  All you need to do is start the process for your pet 20-30 days prior to your travel date for a smooth and timely completion of paperwork required. The documentation can take longer time depending upon a few factors such as availability of flights, not up-to-date medical records, etc. Canada allows you to take your pet as accompanied baggage as well as manifested cargo

Here are all the pre-requisites that you need to take care of if you are planning on taking your pet to Canada with you:



The most important step that you need to carry out as a pet parent is to get your pet micro-chipped. A microchip contains a Unique Identification Number (UIN). This UIN is registered in the national pet recovery database with corresponding to your pet and stores your personal details such as name, contact number, address, etc, and medical records of your pet. Once scanned, the microchip produces all the information stored in the database making it easy to verify all the medical records of your pet. You will not be allowed to take your pet to Canada without getting it micro-chipped. If you wish to know more about pet micro-chipping, click here

Vaccination Records

You need to sort your pet’s vaccination records as they play a crucial part in getting your pet approval to travel with you. You must get your pet vaccinated when it is due and get it marked on the vaccination record by an authorized vet. Even a single missed dose, or over-correction in records can lead to your pet getting quarantined in Canada as pet their regulations, or even worse, denial of your pet’s application to relocate with you to Canada.

International Health Certificate/NOC from Indian Government


The Government of India requires you to get an International Health Certificate, in other words, a NOC for your pet. Without this document, your pet will not be allowed to travel out from India.

Documentation of Pet Owner

A copy of the passport, air ticket, and visa of the owner is mandatory to be produced as the Government of India does not allow a pet to travel or relocate to another country without the pet parent.

Crate Training


You need to get the right sized crate for your pet and train them to get comfortable as they will spend the duration of travel in it. To read why crate training is important for your pet and how you can help your furry friend with it, click here. If you are struggling with measuring your pet size and need a guide, click here.

Knowledge About Pet Quarantine

Being a pet parent, you should be prepared for anything and everything, pet quarantine being one of them. The Canadian government does not require a pet to be quarantined upon arrival as a standard procedure. However, in cases like incorrect order of document preparation, non-readable microchip, deficiency in vaccines, etc, pet quarantine may be imposed. Here’s all you need to know about pet quarantine.

Reaching out to international pet relocation service providers and getting an expert in the field to help you is always the smartest move. There are many international pet delivery agencies who import/export out of India to Canada. You can research on the internet, and choose the right pet relocators who suit your your pet travel needs and satisfy your concern for your pet’s safety and comfort. The estimated cost of relocating your pet to Canada can fall between Rs. 2 lacs to Rs. 8 lacs depending upon the crate size, the airline you choose, whether your pet goes with you as manifested baggage, and many more factors. If you take your pet as accompanied baggage, the entire cost will lie around Rs. 1 Lakh. Let the experts take care of all the paperwork and so that you can enjoy the journey with your beloved pet.



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