23 Oct

Domestic Pet Flight Services from Delhi to Mumbai

A city like Mumbai never stops for anyone. Hence, to relocate there with your pet, you need to adjust and work according to it’s pace. You need to sort every document and complete the process beforehand. Let us start by discussing the relocation process requirements that you need to fulfill and the documents that you need to prepare before traveling with your pet.

  1. The first thing you need to tick off of your check list is the medical record of your pet. This record should include vaccination records, a proper record of past and ongoing medical conditions with past and current medications, if any. A transparent medical record can give the entire process a smooth beginning. Hence, it is important for you to maintain the medical record of your pet and keep it updated.
  2. Next up in the process is a document that you require for your pet to be able to get travel clearance. The document is a fitness certificate stating that your pet is healthy to travel signed by a vet authorized by the government of India and recent photographs of your pet.
  3. 15-20 days before your travel date, get your pet an appropriate sized crate and train your pet in a way that they get comfortable with staying in a confined space for travel. Your pet is not allowed to board the. flight if the officials get a sense that the pet is not comfortable with staying in a crate. The crate should be one approved by IATA (International Air Transport Association) covering all the necessities for your pet to travel in it with comfort.

Now that you know all the pre-requisites for traveling with your pet, next we will discuss the steps involved for you to travel with/relocate your pet within India. There are various factors that come into play while calculating the estimated cost of travel. However, they are all connected to one factor that controls every other step involved.

The most important factor in determining the cost of relocation is the mode of transport that you choose for your pet. It can be through air, road, train, or a combination of two or more. Among the available options, the costliest way to relocate is via air transport. Not only that, air transport is also the most preferred mode of transportation. The reason behind it is that air transport offers the least travel time for your pet. This, in turn, is helpful for your pet because your long travel time can harm your pet physically and mentally. It is the most expensive travel mode as it requires a few documents from custom clearance, air fare or freight, and a crate for your pet. The size of your pet’s crate depends upon your pet’s size.

  1. Traveling through air domestically can cost around Rs. 25000-55000 for a door-to-door relocation, depending upon the size of a crate. This estimate is for a single pet subject to an increase if you require any additional services for your pet during the trip, or if you want to relocate more than one pet with you. In a domestic relocation, you are not required to get your pet micro-chipped and you do not need to get your pet tested for rabies, it can be additionally done at your discretion.
  2. The other two modes of transport that can be used are train and road transport. The cost of transporting your pet through these modes is comparatively less than air transport. However, these are only preferred over short distances, and when either the pet owner or some custodian assigned by the pet parent for the pet is traveling with the pet. Crate is not used in any of these two modes of transportation. However, you still need to produce the. vaccination records and health certificate by a vet.

You can connect with a domestic pet relocation service provider to get an in-depth understanding of the process and get the assistance you require. This will make the whole process easy for you and help you focus on other important tasks while moving to a new place.



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