What Is Pet Microchip and Why is it Needed

Pet Microchip is basically a radio-frequency identification transponder that holds a unique identification number. It is very small in size; roughly the size of a rice grain. The ID number floats when the microchip is scanned. The microchip is inoculated under the loose skin between your dog’s shoulder blades. This procedure is considered to be more intrusive than vaccination. 

Microchip is typically used to prevent a dog from getting lost. In that case, a collar is just not enough. Name tags, and collars are a first line of defence in locating your pet but they can break off or be removed. On the other hand, a microchip will help permanently identify your pet. It also ensures that your pet’s identification is not compromised in any way. 

How is Microchip Implanted?

It differs from animal to animal. However, for a dog or a cat, a microchip comes preloaded in an aseptic applicator and is inoculated under the loose skin. Though there is no standard location that is universally approved, it is usually implanted between the shoulder blades. 

Further, when microchipping is performed by a certified veterinarian, it might take just a few seconds and is comparatively less painful. It hurts as much as having blood drawn. Since it is a momentary injection, no local or general anaesthesia is required. Also, it is a one – time procedure. 

What Kind of Information is Stored in Microchip?

A microchip contains an identification number. In case your pet gets lost, the certified veterinarian can retrieve the identification number via scan, then use the number to find out which company maintains your microchip. 

After that, the veterinarian gets in touch with the company to find out the pet parent’s contact information to reach out urgently. 

Do Your Pet Need a Microchip to Travel?

In order to transfer your pet internationally, a pet microchip is a must. It is a 15 digit, non – encrypted, ISO 11784 / 11785 microchip which is considered to be the standard chip worldwide and must be implanted in your pet before any form of travel. 

Quarantine officials of a country need to substantiate your pet as per the veterinary document presented by the parent. So, in case your fur baby has a nine or ten – digit microchip, the parent requires to make a purchase of a 15 – digit microchip in order to clear customs and pass the verification procedure before being allowed entry into a country. 

Where Can You Get Your Pet Microchipped?

Look no further. Carry My Pet is at your service. We provide the 15 – digit non – encrypted ISO 11784 / 11785 microchip for pets. We have an association with certified veterinarians and animal shelter personnel for microchipping at a reasonable bracket across India.  

Get in touch with our pet experts at +91-8908-909-020 or write to enquiry@carrymypet.com for a consultation for further queries regarding getting your pet microchipped

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Frequently Asked Questions

A microchip is the only recognized form of identification your pet can have. They serve as identification proof at veterinary centres, creature clubs, pet insurance covers, and vets. They are mandatory if you ever plan to travel outside the country with your pet.

A pet microchip costs 1800/- INR. The application cost varies from vet to vet. You can buy the standard ISO 11784/11785 pet microchip from the Carry My Pet store. 

Your pet can be microchipped at any authorized veterinarian. The process is quick and painless, and done through a similar injection as their vaccinations.

A pet can be microchipped once they reach 3 months of age

Yes. Microchips are of the standard, ISO 11784/11785 variety, which is the universal standard.

A microchip is scanned by a microchip scanner. The handheld scanner is traced around your pet’s body, until their microchip is found and scanned.

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