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What Professional Pet Transporters Know but Pet Parents Don’t

As pet parents ourselves, we know that pets are little bundles of joy that brighten up our lives immensely. Given how close pets are to us, it is no surprise that we want them to be safe and comfortable while travelling. However, contrary to popular opinion, moving pets across cities or international borders is a monumental task, as you have to consider the various complexities and requirements of the process.

This is where professional pet relocators come in; while you may be able to manage your pet’s travel to a neighbouring city, a lack of preparation or knowledge about the process can cause a host of issues and distress when you’re trying to move over longer distances with your pet. 

Here Are A Few Things Professional Pet Transporters Know That the General Pet Parent May Not. 

Professional Pet Transporters Know the Complexities 

As professionals, a pet transportation provider knows how complicated a pet itinerary can be. For instance, a particular flight may be suitable for you and your travel plans but not the best for your pet. The time of day, size of the plane, layovers, and model of aircraft are all different factors that will decide whether a particular flight is suitable for your pet. A professional pet relocator has the experience and expertise to plan a journey that is both short and safe for your pet and prioritizes their comfort. 

Professional Pet Transporters Know What Airline to Choose 

A common assumption made by pet parents is that every airline is pet-friendly. Even among those that are, some do a better job than others, and since our pets are priceless, they deserve only the best when it comes to safety and comfort while travelling. A professional pet relocator has a great deal of knowledge regarding pet-friendly airlines and has a worldwide network to ensure your pet travels safely and comfortably. 

Professional Pet Transporters Help with Paperwork

Transporting pets across international borders is a challenging task. Depending on your destination, the preparation process will either be easy or a complete nightmare to deal with; no country will risk the introduction of pests or infectious diseases which will threaten their ecosystem, which leads to strict import guidelines that must be adhered to. The requirements differ from country to country, but various vaccinations, treatments, tests, and certifications are usually involved in such a move.

Then there is the matter of finding out about these different requirements. Some of these requirements will be puzzling and require extensive research on your behalf, others (like testing procedures) will require you to complete them ahead of time to be eligible to import your pet to your destination country.

These requirements are also subject to change without any notice, meaning you will need to keep up to date with them to avoid any mistakes. Your pet being denied entry to a country or being deported due to a minor error is a terrible thing to think about, which is where a professional pet relocation service comes in and sorts out the paperwork for you. Their expertise and knowledge of international pet movements will make sure you have nothing to worry about.

Professional Pet Transporters Pay Attention to Detail

A professional understands the little details that might be overlooked but have a significant impact on a pet’s comfort and safety during travel. Take temperature as an example; extreme heat or cold is detrimental to your pet's health, especially if you have a flat-faced/brachycephalic animal that struggles to regulate their body temperature. This is where a relocator's expertise comes in. Since they know a little detail like the weather can influence your pet's travel, they will plan your journey accordingly, and ensure that you're up to date with the airline's prevailing guidelines.

Then there’s the container your pet will travel in. As a pet parent, you may think that your pet can travel in their regular container used for local journeys. But, when it comes to travelling with pets (especially international pet travel), your pet will need an IATA-accredited pet crate. The International Air Transport Association has a set of safety guidelines which a container must comply with before it can be used to fly pets. The crate itself needs to be of a particular size that suits your pet, not too big or small. Pet parents who ignore these crate-related specifics will be shocked when their pets are refused at the airport, and a professional pet transporter can help avoid such a scenario.

To conclude, a professional is a professional for a reason. Professional pet transporters are well-versed with the process, airline requirements, import mandates, crate standards, and potential hiccups of international pet relocation, making sure you and your pet have the smoothest possible journey. Yes, there is a charge for these services, but with an expert taking care of the process, you’re guaranteed to have a stress-free journey.




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