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Top 10 Pet Friendly Countries

As a pet owner in India, it is understandably difficult to take your pet places. Most parks have a “pets are not allowed” sign on them, restaurants will deny entry to patrons with their pets in tow, and designated relaxation areas or dog parks are few and far between. That being said, this is not the case for every country worldwide. Quite the opposite is true in fact. In a few countries, pet travel is actively promoted; integrating your pet into your daily life far more efficiently so you don’t have to leave them home alone. If you are searching for a destination to enjoy with your pet, you might want a list of sorts.

Here are Ten Pet-Friendly Countries, Ranked in no Particular order


Switzerland is known for its beautiful, rolling hills and spectacularly snow-capped alps, it is no surprise that the country is a tourist haven. What you might not know is how seriously they take pet ownership; first-time pet owners are encouraged to undergo a training course, which was mandatory once upon a time. The restaurants and tourist attractions are extremely pet-friendly, to the point where it is commonplace to see a bowl of water in a restaurant offered to your pet at the same time as your own beverage.


Famed for its romantic beaches and monuments like the Eiffel tower, France is one of the world’s premier holiday destinations. Spend your days exploring the historical monuments on offer like the Arc de Triomphe or the famed Louvre Museum, or perhaps unwind with their delicious wine and food on offer while relaxing at one of its many beautiful beaches. Accommodations are more than welcoming of your pet, be it for free or for a nominal fee, and in eateries, you can often find a dog seated in its own chair on the table.

The Netherlands

Renowned for its picturesque views, delicious cheese, gorgeous flower fields, and famously charming canals, the Netherlands continue to attract millions of tourists every year. They are also famous for being pet friendly; their public transportation system is efficient, well-connected and welcomes pets, and they even grant discounts on health insurance rates for vegetarians and vegans.


Germany serves as an example of how to treat animals with dignity and respect, regardless of whether they are pets or strays. The capital city, Berlin, is home to Europe’s largest animal sanctuary, being able to accommodate nearly 2,000 animals at any given moment, ranging from dogs, cats, and even horses. The entirety of the country has a strict no-kill policy for its shelters. Dogs are a central part of the family structure and are treated with the same dignity as any family member would. Dogs are welcomed into almost every single area humans are, with no restrictions placed on their movements around the establishment, barring open kitchens and butcher shops, for obvious reasons.


Canada is famous for its hospitality, and its polite population. This hospitality extends to your pets as well; Canada is home to not one or two, but eight dog-friendly beaches, as well as having numerous off- leash spaces where pets can move without restraint. They even have a pet-friendly ski resort making it a premier destination to soak in the sights and smells with your pet.


Italy welcomes cats and dogs with open arms. Historically a tad stringent with its norms pertaining to animals in an effort to maintain the cleanliness of its surroundings, Italy is far more pet-friendly these days. For instance, the first dog beach in Italy was opened in 1997. Bau Bau Village was the first location in Italy which permitted animals on a beach, and in the decades since its inauguration, it has only expanded in size and activities for your pet. They even have a beach described as being for dogs only, with the humans there as tier guests; picturesque beaches coupled with restaurants and bars that welcome your pet mean Italy is a premier destination for those looking to travel with their pet.


Luxembourg loves animals. In 2018, they revised their laws pertaining to animal rights. Luxembourg’s cabinet had this to say on the matter: “Animals are no longer considered as a thing, but as gifted non- human living beings with sensitivity and holders of certain rights”. The country takes pride in being animal-friendly, which reflect in its infrastructure; the city is easily traversable as public transport allows animals, which has also been free since 2020. Pet-friendly hotels are in abundance, dogs travel for free on public transport, and there are numerous beautiful sites to explore with them, making Luxembourg a fabulous destination for you and your pet.


Poland is unique, because the indoors are as pet-friendly as the outdoors, meaning there are a host of activities you can participate in with your furry buddy. Catch a movie at a pet-friendly theatre, or go on a cultural trip to a museum with our pet in tow. Restaurants, bars, stores, and many more establishments welcome pets and their owners with open arms, making it a lovely excursion for you and your pet.

Czech Republic

As long as your pup is well-behaved, the Czech Republic allows for them to be off a leash. This freedom extends to public transport and stores, as well as the many beer gardens in Letna Park. The capital city, Prague, includes some of the earliest parks in the country, dating back to the last 1800s, a vast majority of which are pet-friendly today.


Over half the accommodations in the central hub of Slovenia, Ljubljana, are pet-friendly, which ranks it amongst the most pet-friendly countries across Europe. Take a hike on one of the many gorgeous trails in the countryside, have a meal on the banks of a canal, or maybe take a walk and soak in the scenery of the city with your pet; the possibilities are endless, and so is the enjoyment to be had.



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