23 Oct

Things You Must Know When Travelling With a Pet in India

Widely regarded as a traveller's goldmine, India is famed for its rich culture and heritage. Whether you’re travelling for business, pleasure, or relocating to a different city, you’ll surely enjoy your time. However, there is a large percentage of the population who are pet parents and must travel eventually for one reason or another. The primary dilemma faced by a pet parent in this situation is – who will take care of my pet? The simplest answer is that you will, and if you can carry your pet with you, why not do it? Provided you are mindful of a few travel prerequisites, you can easily take your pet along and enjoy a safe & comfortable journey. 

Here Are A Few Pet Travel Essentials for Pet Travel in India: 

Pet Crate

IATA Approved Pet Crate

Pet crates are an important accessory for a variety of reasons. They help move your pet conveniently, they keep your pet safe in transit, and they generally act as a home away from home when travelling thanks to their familiar scent and sight. You must choose an appropriately sized crate since your pet will be spending a fair amount of transit time inside it. While we obviously would love to have our pets on our lap while travelling, safety and logistics mean we make do with a crate during the transit phases where safety is the priority.

For a crate to function properly, it needs to be of the proper size, and it should suit your pet’s needs. To simplify the measurement process, here are the dimensions you need to purchase a crate:

  • Length of the pet – From the tip of the nose to the base/root of the tail. 
  • Height of the pet – From the elbow joint to the ground.
  • Width of the pet – Across shoulders/widest point
  • Height of the pet – Natural standing position from the top of the head to the floor.

A crate is finalized based on these dimensions. To your finalized dimensions, add an extra 2-4 inches of headroom to make sure your pet is comfortable and not cramped in there. Once you know your desired size, place an order, and enjoy your journey with your pet.


When it comes to documentation, you can relax. Domestic pet relocation within India does not require the same cumbersome documentation as international pet Travel, so you don't need to worry about too much in the way of paperwork. While you don't need anything specific like a pet microchip or a lab test, you should always carry your pet’s medical records and keep their vaccination information handy. 

We all hope for the best and never want any harm to befall our pets; but, given the fickle nature of life, it is always best to be safe than sorry. These records will also help speed up the diagnosis if your pet ever falls ill when travelling, so these are a must when roaming the country with your pet.

Modes of Transportation

Mode of Pet Transportation in India

When it comes to transportation you have three options to choose from: 

  • Road – Road travel is the most straightforward mode out of the three available options. You'll need to make the necessary arrangements when it comes to rest and refreshment, but you'll have the added benefit of travelling at your convenience, meaning you can stop and take in the sights or speed run to your destination as you see fit. Road travel is also relatively economical, provided you aren't trying to drive from one corner of the country to the other. Be sure to carry pet food, bowls, and disposable poop bags to make the journey a little easier. 

  • Rail - Pet travel by train is also a viable option, with Indian Railways allowing pet parents to travel with pets when the appropriate booking is made. It is an economical way of covering long distances with your pet, and trains often operate through remote corridors of the country where road and air networks cannot reach. You will require a health certificate and your pet’s vaccination record for documentation and security reasons, but those aren’t too difficult to obtain, and you’ll probably have a copy of each already. Train journeys do take time, so they’re a great option for elderly pets or for those who want to take in the sights and relax with their pets. 

  • Air - Air travel is by far the quickest and safest mode, but it is also expensive and requires some preparation. Pet transportation by air is a good option if your pet is allowed to fly and if you’re travelling over longer distances. Pets usually don’t cope very well with long hours in confinement when travelling, so the shorter the journey, the better it is for a pet. Pets will be able to travel either in-cabin or as cargo on a plane. In-cabin travel usually has a weight restriction, meaning it is generally made for smaller animals. Larger pets will often need to be checked in and transported as cargo. Your pet will be safe in both modes of air travel, and you only need their health certificate and vaccination record for documentation. Just make sure to book a flight on a pet-friendly airline according to your travel plans, since last-minute bookings may not be available. 

    To conclude, travelling with your pet in India has never been easier. With a variety of modes and transportation services available, pet parents can now travel with their darling pets stress-free, taking in the sights and smells together on an enjoyable journey. Provided you prepare for your journey and train your pet accordingly, you should have no trouble whatsoever on your pet travel trip in India. 



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