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Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Your Child’s First Pet

If you have a child, then chances are they will eventually ask, request, or even beg for a pet in the house. A pet can be a positive and uplifting presence around the house, while also acting as great teachers. Taking care of a live creature can be an immensely rewarding experience, as they teach one to be empathetic and responsible as well as helping younger children understand how other beings are reliant on them for their survival. 

Choosing a pet for your family requires everybody in the family agreeing over a few aspects of pet ownership. Nobody should feel uncomfortable around a pet, and the whole family must be invested in the health and well-being of the pet. People becoming frustrated with a pet after they get one because the experience does not line up with how they pictured it is a common occurrence, which is why it is important to choose wisely.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Pet for Your Children

The best thing to do before selecting a pet is consulting a vet. A vet understands the specifics pertaining to care and attention needs of a pet, and can guide you depending on what species of animal best suits your needs. You can also make a short list of the type of animal you’re looking to welcome home. 

Here are a few factors to consider prior to choosing a pet and making a vet visit. 

  • Space 

Whether the space is a small shelf top or a backyard to frolic in, every pet requires a minimum amount of space. Take this into consideration when deciding between pets; will you have enough space to comfortably accommodate your pet? Do you have space for them when they grow to their full size? Smaller pets may not warrant too much of a discussion when it comes to space, but mainstream pets like dogs will. 

  • Care 

This is where the vet comes in. Consult your vet about the attention and care the pets you are considering require. Ask yourself, is your family ready to care for a pet? Are all family members willing to share the responsibility and care the pet will need? Are you financially well-off, well enough to take care of the pet throughout their lifetime? 

  • Lifespan

How long will your pet live? This is an important factor to consider. Kids get emotionally attached to pets, so take that into consideration. A pet with a shorter lifespan will be a heartbreaker for your kids, even more so if they are younger. However, if your child is an adolescent, and they end up leaving home for work or studies, you will have to care for the pet on your own, so bear that in mind.

  • Vet Bills

Owning a pet means expenditure on healthcare. No matter what animal you have, they will require veterinary attention. You will have to be sure that you can bear the expenses of your new pet’s healthcare. You will also make sure that there is a veterinarian in your vicinity, one which can help with your choice of pet. 

  • What Your Children Want 

You should take into consideration what your children want from a pet, especially as you are choosing one for them. Ask yourself what kind of pet does your child want, especially daily-interaction wise. While some kids want a pet who is playful, others want a pet who is low-maintenance and has a “cool” factor. 

The demeanor and personality of your children also play a big part in your eventual pet selection. Is your child old enough to understand that pets have needs and boundaries? Are they calm-natured and can handle smaller, more fragile animals? 

You should also be ready to bear the responsibility in the event your children lose interest in the pet. By no means is this your child’s fault; however, allowing an innocent animal to suffer, just because a child decides they lost interest or refuse take care of it, is unacceptable. Are you willing to bear the responsibility, or will you find them a new, better-suited home? All these are important questions to ask yourself and bear in mind when choosing a pet for your children, as it is no small decision. 



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