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The Health Benefits of Pet Ownership & How to Maintain Them

If you’re a pet owner, you already have some experience with the benefits that a pet provides. Aside from joy and happiness, there are many health benefits of owning a pet too. We’ve come up with this handy guide to help you choose a suitable pet and reap the benefits they bring with them.

Health Benefits of Owning a Pet

There are several health benefits of owning a pet. Pets help you exercise more and create opportunities for socialization. Frequent walks with your pet can decrease blood pressure and reduce cholesterol levels. Even if your pet isn’t an outdoor pet, just playing with a pet gives you the same benefits.

These benefits aren’t just physical either, as pets help improve cognitive function and improve mental health immensely. They alleviate depression, and loneliness, and always provide companionship to us. This bond between pet and pet parent can also help reduce symptoms of PTSD and act as a soothing balm in daily life.

Choosing the Right Pet

While pets come with a host of health benefits, they also require care. It is important to make sure your pet of choice is the right one for you and your family. Therefore, you should do some research about it and what it may require in terms of care.

Here are a few factors to consider before getting a pet:

  • Pet’s lifespan 
  • Pet’s dietary requirements 
  • Pet’s exercise requirements 
  • Pet’s size (both as a child and when fully grown) 
  • Veterinary care required
  • Amount of time the pet will require daily for care 
  • Habitat required by the pet 

Staying Healthy Around Pets

After interacting with your pet, it is important to wash your hands to reduce the spread of germs and the risk of disease. If you are feeding, playing, or cleaning up a mess, make sure to wash your hands. Since pets are around us constantly, it is necessary to be hygienic and wash your hands properly in the following scenarios:

  • After playtime with your pet 
  • After serving your pet’s meal 
  • After handling pet equipment 
  • After cleaning up after them 
  • After cleaning up on a walk 

Keeping Your Pet Safe & Healthy

Regardless of the pet you have, you won't get any of the health benefits if your pet isn't healthy. Whether your pet is a dog, cat, rabbit, lizard, or bird, they all require regular vet visits to keep them and your family healthy. Scheduling regular vet visits is the easiest way to ensure your pet is healthy and is essential for a long and healthy lifestyle.

Make sure your pet always has a clean water bowl, a healthy and balanced diet, and a clean bed. Also make sure to stay up-to-date with your pet’s vaccinations, de-worming, and flea treatment routines. If you’re unsure about these procedures, talk to your veterinarian of choice. A vet can outline the list of important treatments which will keep your pet fit and healthy in the long run.

A healthy pet means a healthy family. Get in touch with your vet if you ever have any doubts related to your pet and their care, or if you suspect your pet is sick.

Practicing Personal & Pet Hygiene

Along with good personal hygiene, owners should practice pet hygiene to prevent the spread of diseases. To prevent contamination from your pet’s belongings, you should keep any pet-related items outside the kitchen and away from surfaces where food is prepared.

Areas where your pet spends time should be disinfected regularly, and their belongings should be cleaned outside the house. Remember, direct contact isn’t necessary to fall sick, so it is easier to clean their belonging outdoors than it is to disinfect your house.

If you have a cat, make sure their litter box is cleaned regularly and has fresh litter. If you have a dog, make sure to clean up after them when on walks. Dog poop should be scooped up and disposed of properly, as pet faeces contains pathogens that can be harmful to other pets and people. Elderly people and children should avoid cleaning up after pets, as their immune systems need time to strengthen before interacting with such matter.

Having a pet in the house has many health benefits, both physically and mentally. Whether physically or mentally, pets stimulate us and make our lives brighter and joyful. Provided you take a few precautions and are regular with your cleaning and vet visits, you should have a healthy and happy time with your pet, no matter what breed or animal they are.



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