Rabies Titer Test for international pet travel

Rabie Titer Test is also known as rabies neutralising antibody titer test, is basically an estimation of an immune response against rabies virus antigens. It is one of the mandatory tests to take your pet to any rabies – free country. 

Rabies antibodies test is a means of determining if your pet dog or cat has been given rabies vaccination. It essentially determines if your pet has developed enough antibodies to safeguard against viruses that they have already received vaccinations for in the past. 

How is Rabies Titer Test Performed?

Rabies titer test is performed by a certified veterinarian. The vet draws blood from your pet (dog or cat) and sends it forward to an authorised laboratory in order to determine the level of antibodies in the sample. Carry My Pet helps you with the sample collection as well as the dispatch of the sample. The laboratory then examines the sample and determines the rabies neutralising titer value. 

Nevertheless, different countries have different statutes for international pet transportations. Our pet experts will help you to check the regulations for the minimum period of time between vaccinations and blood sampling according to your preferred destination. 

[Note: Rabies Titer test can be carried out 30 days after the vaccination is given; which is the advised waiting period for the antibodies to form. Also, make sure to get your pet microchipped before the titer test is performed and administered.]

Why is Rabies Titer Test Important for Your Pet?

The main reason behind the compulsory practice of rabies titer test is to protect local animals from rabies. If your pet is being transported to a country that is rabies-free, the Rabies Neutralising Antibody Titer (RNATT) test confirms that your pet has adequate immunity against rabies. 

Rabies for Import / Export

Rabies titer test is not required for domestic travel in India.

However, if you are planning to relocate your pet outside the country, there are certain complex pet import rules and regulations which one needs to abide by. Rabies titer test is one of the mandatory requirements along with health certificate, and microchipping

How Can I Get a Rabies Titer Test Done for My Pet?

We understand a pet parent’s concern and their value of time, hence, we are here to do the work for you. 

Carry My Pet is one of India’s only pet shipping companies which has successfully conducted the rabies titer test for animals through authorized labs around the globe. 

To get a rabies titer test done, kindly get in touch with our pet experts at +91-8908-909-020 or write to enquiry@carrymypet.com for a consultation

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Frequently Asked Questions

A rabies titer test/antibody test is a test to determine whether your pet has received a rabies vaccination, and if they have subsequently developed enough antibodies to defend themselves against rabies. 

You should check the effectivity of your pet’s rabies vaccine yearly. India requires imported pets to be vaccinated for rabies no more than a year prior to their travels, so it is wise to check yearly.

A vast majority of countries require a titer test before they grant entry to your pet. North America requires a titer test, as does every European country. Middle eastern countries may/may not require a titer test, depending on your destination.

The validity of a titer test depends on your destination. The CDC in the U.S.A validates a titer test for a year. In Europe, your first titer test is valid for your pet’s lifespan, provided you regularly get them re-vaccinated every 3 years to ensure no loss in protection. Internationally, a titer test is valid for 3 years on an average. India requires imported pets to have been vaccinated against rabies no more than one year before the journey.

Titer test results take 3-4 weeks to arrive in soft copy form, and a hard copy arrives on about 5-6 weeks.

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