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Planning to Adopt an Indie pup? Here are the Guidelines for Adoption

Often touted as being man’s best friend, dogs are the most popular choice of pet around the globe. Their friendly, loyal, and playful demeanor makes them ideal pets, and they come in numerous shapes and sizes. However, not every pooch is suited to every region; take India, as an example. The sad reality is, some of the most popular/coveted breeds in the country are bred and raised in less-than-ideal conditions. 

India’s climate does not suit breeds like Huskies or Shih Tzus, but that has not stopped them from being amongst the most coveted breeds to own in the country. Adopting such a pup, especially one bred by immoral breeders, just furthers the never-ending cycle of animal abuse. Besides, why adopt a dog who will suffer in Indian climate conditions, when we have our very own Pariahs? 

The Indian Pariah

If you’ve chosen to adopt an Indie pup, well done! Also knows as Indian Pariah, the Indie dog is perhaps the best suited breed for the country and its conditions. Indie dogs are loyal, smart, inquisitive, intelligent, protective, and alert, making them ideal pets. They also come with the benefit of being tougher than other foreign breeds, not being plagued with the same health issues as them due to adaptation over time. 

Here are a few reasons why Indie dogs make the perfect pet in India: 

  • Adaptability: As they have evolved alongside the harsh ad unforgiving climate of the country, they are well-adjusted to it and are healthier in it as a result. 

  • Healthy: Indie pups have evolved naturally without any interference or cross breeding by people, making them among the healthiest breeds you can own. They have strong immune systems, they rarely suffer from birth defects, and require only basic care like timely checkups, good food, and frequent exercise. 

  • Maintenance: As they’ve evolved alongside the country, they require little to no maintenance. Bathing and brushing them a couple of times a month is all you need in the way of maintenance. 

  • Intelligence: Growing up in the streets gives them very alert and intelligent, as the rough streets only permit the survival of the fittest. They have become (street) smart as a result. 

Adopting an Indie dog is a wonderful thing. Here are a few things to keep in mind while adopting one: 

  • Visit Nearby Shelters: Stray dogs are a common sight in and around neighbourhoods or markets throughout India. While it is tempting to simply scoop a puppy off the harsh streets and give them a new home, you should avoid doing that. Strays which are permitted in and around residential areas often belong there, with the community caring for them together. If you do choose to take a pup from the street, make sure to check whether they are being cared for or not. Puppies on the streets often lack any immunizations, and may suffer from skin diseases as a result, so get them to a vet as soon as possible. Checking out the animal shelters or NGO-based shelters throughout the city is a good idea. 

  • Spend Time with Them: This is an important aspect of adopting an indie dog. Spending time with dogs at a shelter is important to establish personal contact and move towards them being familiar and friendly with you. Food (specifically treats) is a brilliant way to do this; you can choose the dog you potentially wish to adopt, and slowly give them treats. Over the span of a few days, the dog should approach you by themselves, at which point you can be sure they trust you. 

  • Evaluate Your Chosen Pup: Before welcoming your new dog home, you should evaluate them based on a few aspects. Check their medical records; vaccination history, neutering, and prior records of illnesses or injuries. Check their behavioural history, and observe their interactions with other animals and humans. A pup being reluctant for the first few days after being adopted is normal, but they should not have impulsive or violent tendencies, so assess them thoroughly.  

The Adoption Process

If you have gone through the process of identifying a shelter, spending time with a pup of your selection, and evaluated them as being a good fit for you and your home, you can then move on to the adoption process. The Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) references Article 21 of the Constitution of India, which states that anybody wanting to provide shelter to dogs is at liberty to do so.

The process typically consists of the following: 

  • Guidance counseling session with the family to better understand the pet parents. 

  • House tour to see the space the pet will reside in. 

  • Interaction/bonding period with potential owner, to see how the family and pet interact and bond with each other. 

  • Trial period of adoption (varies from dog to dog).

  • Referencing and checking medical records.

  • Finalizing and signing the adoption documentation. 

  • Registration of pet in the government database and filling up the paperwork for the same. You may also register your newly adopted pup with the Kennel Club of India (KCI). 

Caring for Your New Indie Pup

Now that the adoption process is complete, it is time to take your new best friend to their new home. It is only right that they receive a welcome which befits them; make sure you make the house feel welcoming to them. 

Prepare food and water bowls, buy the basic equipment needed for a pet, like a leash, dog food, a collar, and a new bed. As it is likely that an indie pup has not been inside a house properly ever before, prepare accordingly. Move shoes inside a cabinet, seal the dustbins/toilets, and make sure your house does not have choking hazards or anything which may be detrimental to their health. 

Ordinary, everyday household items such as detergent and medicines are toxic for your dog, as are certain fruits like grapes, so make sure to clear your countertops and move anything which may potentially be toxic to your pup out of their reach. 

To conclude, adopting an Indie dog is far better than shopping for another breed. You’re helping an innocent animal have a better life by getting them off the street and gaining a wonderfully intelligent and loving companion in one fell swoop, while also resisting breed prejudices which plague the country. Just take your time and bear a few factors in mind, and you’ll be sure to have a healthy and joy-filled time with them. 



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