How To Measure Your Pet ?

A= Length of animal from the tip of the nose to base/root of tail.
B= height from ground to elbow joint. A +1/2 B=Length of the container.
C= Width across Shoulders or widest point (whichever is the greater). C x 2 = width of container.
D= Height of animal in natural standing position from top of the head or the ear tip to the floor(whichever is higher ) / height of the container (top flat or arched ).

Carry My Pet, a pet relocation company based in Delhi, India, provides IATA approved pet crates/pet kennels/pet cages/pet carriers ranging from the small size of 21 inches up to the giant size of 48 inches, to accommodate all breeds of pets, big or small, at affordable prices. Sales experts at Carry My Pet, provide quick and reliable solutions regarding the entire process of your pet’s travel, both domestic transportation and international export transportation/ international import transportation. We assist you with your pet’s measurements and based on the calculations suggest the most suitable crate for your furry baby. Operations Associates at Carry My Pet ensure that the pet is delivered safely in the kennel to the pet parents. In situations of doubt about whether to take your pet as cabin baggage or cargo or the eligibility of sharing the same cage by two pets as approved by IATA and considering the airline specifications, professionals at Carry My Pet handhold the pet parent throughout this overwhelming process and making it easier for the upcoming pet travels.
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