27 Sep

Uttarakhand: SDM and ARTO Get Pet Dog Licenses Made

On Thursday, municipal worker Ashish Punetha went to the SDM office to procure a license for SDM Anurag Arya’s pet dog. Divisional Transport Officer Krishna Singh Paldia reached the municipality office and obtained a license for dog ownership, which was handed over to him by EO Rajdev Jayasi along with the token of issuing.

Both officials say the rule is beneficial and obtained their licenses to set an example and encourage the public to do the same. They said that pet dog owners in the district should get a license and a token for their pets as soon as possible, as this will help officials track the number of pet dogs in the city. Any resident who wishes to obtain a license for their dog can deposit a fee in the municipality, along with their Aadhar Card and certificate of rabies vaccination.

The municipality has issued the following instructions to residents regarding pet dogs:

  • Pets who are walking or roaming outdoors must be kept on a leash at all times.
  • A fine of INR 5,000 will be imposed on pets who defecate in public, and on pet owners who throw garbage, waste, and spit in public places under Prohibition Rules 2016.
  • The token issued by the municipality must be attached to the dog’s collar or around their neck.
  • If an old token is lost, additional charges will apply.
  • If a pet dog causes harm to a person, then the owner of the dog will be held responsible.
  • Information about the purchase and sale of dogs will have to be submitted to the municipal office.



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