31 May

Stray Dogs Welcome in Taj Hotel Mumbai on Ratan Tata’s Orders 

Mumbai: Pictures and videos of a furry guest in Ratan Tata’s Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai are going viral, showing a dog sleeping peacefully in the shade during the scorching afternoon hours. The photos were initially shared by an employee of the hotel, expressing their surprise and happiness that stray dogs are treated with the same hospitality as guests. 

Rubi Khan, the employee who posted the photos, shared their surprise of finding a stray or street dog lounging peacefully on the grounds of the 5-star Taj Hotel. Upon further conversation, they discovered that Ratan Tata has issued strict directives regarding the treatment of stray and street dogs. 

Ratan Tatan is a self-confessed and famed animal lover, who has campaigned and taken steps for animal welfare for decades. More recently, he inaugurated his animal hospital in Mumbai, which has been set up to provide world-class pet care and emergency service to pet parents on a 24x7 basis. “A pet is no different from a member of one’s family today. As the guardian of several pets throughout my life, I recognize the need for this hospital”, he said back in February 2024. 

“This is the entrance of the Taj Mahal Hotel, one of the most luxurious and finest hotels in the country. During my stay, as I started my day, I noticed a living being sleeping peacefully in the same spot, seemingly carefree. My curiosity led me to ask the hotel staff about him, and I learned that he has been a part of the hotel since birth. There are strict instructions from Mr. Ratan Tata to treat these animals well if they enter the premises,” she wrote. The post has since gone viral with over 9,000 likes. 



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