27 Jun

Pune Municipal Corporation Urges Citizens to Register their Cats

Pune: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) are urging cat owners in the region to register their cats. Previously, only dogs needed to be registered with the PMC, but now your fline friend must be registered as well. 

Speaking to the news agency PTI, Dr Ashish Bharti, Health Chief of PMC said, "Like dog owners, people owning cats will have to get their pets registered with the PMC. They have to follow norms regarding vaccination and birth control of their pets."

Dr Bharti had also told ANI that registration of pet animals is already mandatory, but with an increase in their population, cats need to be registered as well. Earlier, people had to approach ward offices to register their pets, which could be cumbersome for some. The process has since moved online on the PMC’s website, with registrations being done for INR 50/- per pet. to be registered, pets must be vaccinated. As for the number of registered dogs, Dr Bharti said that currently 5,500 dogs have been registered with the PMC, which is not a high number considering the city’s dog population.

As per the PMC’s website, pet parents will need the following to register their pet online: the passport size 3 photograph of pet animal, anti-rabies certificate from a registered veterinary practitioner, address proof, the registration charges of ?500 which will be accepted in advance at INR/- 50 per year for a period of 10 years. It is also necessary to register every year in the ward office; the registration charges of Rs. 250 will be accepted in advance Rs.50 per year after the expiry of previous 10 years of registration.

Pimpri-Chinchwad municipal (PCMC) commissioner Shekhar Singh has also issued an order, requesting residents to register their pet dogs and cats



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