26 Feb

Pet Ambulance Now Available in Whitefield and Brookefield

Bangalore: Good news for residents of Brookefield and Whitefield: you now have a pet ambulance service, which can be used to report and aid pet/community-specific/stray animals. A tech company named Tekion has partnered with the Praana Animal Foundation to launch animal rescue and animal ambulance services in the area.

“Our cities need ambulances, be it for humans or animals. Since animal welfare is far behind human welfare, the launch of this service is a step in the right direction. Most of the time, we see people stuck with an injured animal not knowing what to do and where to go. An ambulance for animals will help us in making timely rescues,” said Ashwini Pai, a stray animal caregiver from Varthur.

A resident of Whitefield stated she and her husband have difficulties with lifting injured animals due to a lack of experience and expertise. I am glad I can call this service. There are at least 4-5 hit-and-run or injury cases I hear in the vicinity”, she said.

The service was launched on 22 February and will remain operational 24x7.



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