11 Mar

Panchkula MC to Take Legal Action Against City’s Unregistered Dogs

Panchkula: Having issued a few notices and advisories regarding the issue, the Panchkula Municipal Corporation has decided to take legal action against pet owners who have failed to register their pets with the MC.

During the registration process, pet owners are given a token which acts as a proof of registration which is required to be affixed to their dog’s collar. Any pet dogs found roaming in public without this tag will now be impounded and the owners will fac legal action for violation of the PMC laws.

According to Municipal Corporation Commissioner Sachin Gupta, pet owners should make sure that their dogs have been vaccinated by the veterinarian present in the hospital of the animal husbandry department. If a vaccination OPD slip is not present, the dog will not be registered with the Municipal Corporation and will be violating the PMC’s laws.

Dogs without tags are to be impounded, with the animal husbandry department watching over them while the owner deals with the fine for violating the laws and walking in public with an unregistered pet.



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