26 Sep

Now Register Your Pet Dogs Through Im Chandigarh App

India has an abundance of stray dogs. There are so many of them that it’s difficult to know exactly how many there are across the subcontinent. In an attempt to keep a track of the number of dogs in the city, the Municipal Corporation in Chandigarh now allows owners to register their pets online, through the ‘Im Chandigarh’ mobile application.


Anindita Mitra, MC Commissioner, said that this will aim to make the online pet registration process effortless. She also urged pet parents to vaccinate their pets against rabies, stating that a dog’s rabies vaccination and subsequent vaccination records must be complete.


She also detailed how this registration system would work, saying that a token will be issued by the registration authorities, which then should be attached to the collar of pet dogs. Stray dogs without this token will be impounded by the MCC.


“Littering/defecation at public places is not allowed; the owner will be liable to get it cleaned. Besides this, breeding and trading of dogs for commercial purposes within the area of MCC is strictly prohibited and violators will be penalized”, said the commissioner.



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