26 Sep

North Eastern Railways Allows Pets to Travel with Passengers

Now, your pet can travel with you when you embark on those lovely long train trips. The authorities of the North Eastern Railways has now cleared the track for efficient pet travel, with dedicated spaces for pets to be created.

According to latest reports, the proposal of provisions for dedicated spaces for the pet dogs of passengers travelling on North Eastern Railways has been approved by the NER (North Eastern Railways) officials.

During the journey, your pet will still have to travel in their crate/cage. Officer Pankaj Kumar, the Chief Public Relations Officer for the NER detailed these provisions, stating a pet’s crate will be added to the power car in trains.

Don’t worry, your precious pets will be well watched and guarded too. While the owners will need to make arrangements for their pet’s food, water, and other accommodations, the pets themselves will be watched over at all times by a team of guards throughout the journey for their safety and comfort.

While your pet was previously allowed to travel on a train with you, provided you reserved a whole compartment in a fully air-conditioned coach, this new addition is a welcome one as it is expected to make travel less expensive.

Officials have also claimed that the workshop of the NER have begun the process of fabricating such a space in power cars of trains for dogs. The Chief Public Relations Officer stated the service would be introduced as per service needs.



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