26 Sep

Noida: Owners with Unregistered Pets to be Fined from June 1

Having issued and passed the deadline date for pet registration in the city, Noida Authority shall now conduct a survey and fine pet parents who have not registered their pets yet.

The Noida Authority initially instructed residents to register their pets after the newly drafted pet policy was implemented on December 12, 2022. According to the policy, pet owners were supposed to get their pets registered by January 31, with the deadline being extended to February 14.

Thus far, a total of 5,974 animals have been registered in the city, according to DGM Noida SP Singh. He also said the registration numbers were still being computed and could exceed 6,000. “Noida Authority teams will now conduct a survey to analyze the actual number of pets in the various high rises and residential societies with the registration data so far. If there is a mismatch, pet owners will have to pay a penalty and complete the registration,” Singh said.

The Noida Authority plans to partner with the RWA’s (resident welfare associations) to do so. In various high-rise complexes across the city, RWA’s maintain records of ownership and residence, which means it is easy to identify which tenants are pet parents. By conducting this survey, the Noida Authority aims to round up any defaulters and reprimand them accordingly.

The officials stated that pet registration applications are valid between April 1 and March 31. Vaccination and sterilization certificates must be provided to the authority to complete the registration process. However, many RWA’s have claimed the Authority had a limited role when it came to the implementation of the pet policy.

“The policy clearly mentions that even if pets are registered, they must be leashed in open spaces. But we find it difficult to impose this on the ground. Pet owners also don’t scoop if their dog’s poop in common areas. Such matters are reported time and again to Noida Authority, but are not taken seriously” sad Sanjeev Kumar, general secretary of the Sector 51 RWA.

He also mentioned how fixing feeding points for strays was problematic. “Most places have one feeding point, but dogs are territorial animals and do not like other animals to invade their areas for food. Multiple feeding points are a must to resolve clashes between the stray dogs.



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