26 Sep

Noida Authority Inaugurates Dog Shelters, to be Run by RWA’s

Two dog shelters were inaugurated in Noida on Friday by The Noida Authority. Located in Sector 50 and Sector 135, the shelters were a part of the dog policy unveiled and implemented by the city in December 2022. According to officials, these shelters will be the first of their kind, wherein they will be supported by the Resident Welfare Association (RWA) of the respective localities.

Unclaimed or stray dogs who are sick or with behavioral issues/aggression will be sent to these shelters, said officials. The maintenance and expenses incurred by it will be shouldered by the respective RWA’s of a sector, they said.

Noida Authority Chief Executive Officer, Ritu Maheshwar, inaugurated the two parks this week. “A total of four dog shelters are to be constructed by the Noida authority in sectors 34, 50, 93B and 135. The shelters in sectors 50 and 135 have been completed and opened while the construction work of the remaining two shelters is expected to be completed by March 31. These dog shelters will be transferred to the RWAs of the respective sectors. These shelters will be the first such facilities in National Capital Region (NCR) that will run with the support of RWAs,” said an official statement from the Noida Authority.

Last year, after concurring with apartment owners, residents, and RWA’s, and in accordance with the laws and provisions of the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), the dog policy was implemented in Noida, effective December 12, 2022. The policy also outlines the penalties and consequences for offences related to pets and strays.

The policy also brought a welcome change, as it stated that authorities would carry out the vaccination and neutering of stray dogs in each sector, after concurring with RWA’s or village committees. The authorities are also instructed to construct shelters in other sectors according to the RWA, to care for and contain sick or aggressive dogs.

The need and demand for a definitive dog policy was initially felt when, allegedly, a nine-month-old baby was bitten by a stray dog in an upscale residential complex in Sector 100 in October 2022.

“The new shelters have provision to keep aggressive, sick, accident-prone stray dogs. Platforms have been made for feeding, and sheds have been made to keep them. Water tubs have been placed in the dog shelter, in which clean water will be supplied daily,” said SP Singh, deputy general manager, health, Noida authority. He also said the cost incurred by the construction of shelters, sterilization equipment, and vaccinations for dogs would be shouldered by the Nida Authority.

“However, the operation of the dog shelter, which includes provision of food for dogs, clothing, washing, maintenance of the facility and other expenses will be borne by the RWA. These dog shelters currently have provisions to keep a maximum of 15 dogs per shelter. The responsibility of providing a caretaker, a para vet and a veterinarian is with the RWA,” said Singh.

KK Jain, general secretary of Federation of Noida Residents’ Welfare Association (FONRWA), said, “The residents of Noida have been hassled by the nuisance of stray dogs. As we will be able to provide shelter to sick and aggressive dogs there, it will definitely help in resolving the issues of dog bites in societies.”

While the policy is a positive addition and implemented for the welfare of residents and the public, the members of RWA’s are skeptical about the costs running a shelter will inevitably incur. “The RWA has employed a caretaker and a para vet. In addition to that, we will bear the expenses of food and sanitation, which will be around ?40,000-50,000 a month. However, we are ready to support the Noida authority in implementing the dog policy as it is for the good of the community,” said Moolchand Gupta, president of Sector 50 RWA.



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