26 Sep

Municipal Corporation of Gurugram Extends Pet License Validity

Gurugram: The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG), has made an amendment to the previously issued guidelines for dog registration in the city. The pet license, which was provided by the MCG upon successfully registering your dog, has had its validity extended. From being valid for one year, the pet license will now be valid for a period of three years, with the amendment being in effect from April 1, 2023.

According to the provisions highlighted in Bye-law-3, the registration of pet dogs is done on a yearly basis, with a token being issued against the registration for the same period. However, the Municipal Corporation was inundated with requests to increase the period of validity of the dog license, and the requests have been included in the now-approved amendment.

The Municipal Commissioner, PC Meena, said ““We were receiving requests from the pet owners for validating the license for at least two years. Now, the validity has been increased to three years”.

The MCG had previously instructed all dog owners in the city to register and vaccinate their pets at the end of December, or risk being fined and/or have their pet detained.



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