13 May

Madurai and Trichy Require Comprehensive Rules for Pet Dogs

Madurai/Trichy: Following a recent case of a pet dog attacking a child in a park in Chennai, there are growing calls for regulations in Trichy and Madurai regarding the rearing of pet animals. 

Currently, Madurai and Trichy do not have regulations in place for the rearing and breeding of pet animals. Multiple foreign dog breeds considered to be ‘aggressive’ and ‘ferocious’ are reportedly reared in these cities, and civic bodies are now waiting for the standard operating procedures to amend the current rules. 

According to the animal husbandry department, the Trichy district has 20,988 stray dogs and 24,505 pet dogs. Residents of these districts claim to also see people taking multiple pets for morning walks at once. “Most owners bring their pet dogs out with leash. But muzzles are needed as walkers and joggers are using the public space,” Shabbeer Hussain, a resident of KK Nagar, said.

Residents and animal activists of Madurai have now called for action by the Greater Chennai Corporation, asking for comprehensive rules, provisions for pet dog registration, and surveys to gauge the dog population in the area. Corporation officials also said that a resolution on dog ownership has been passed and that the rules are set to be made into a bylaw after the general elections are concluded. 

Currently, enforcement of pre-existing laws is lackluster, with plenty of residents unaware of the importance of a pet license. A veterinarian also pointed out that the registration and licensing provisions are typically used by breeders, activists, and trainers, not by residents. Dog owners of the city must renew this license yearly too. 

A pet licensing system is necessary at this point, as it would help the local corporation gather data regarding the number of pet dogs and the types of breeds being reared in the area. This would also help the animal husbandry department make sure that all pet dogs receive an anti-rabies vaccination. In Trichy, anti-rabies vaccinations were administered to 11,554 pets in 2023-24, with officials stating that the system will make differentiating between pet and stray dogs easier for them. 

The Madurai Corporation plans to pass bylaws regarding pet ownership, which will include a ban on certain dog breeds in public spaces, registration requirements, and muzzling while in public spaces like parks. S Vasuki, Zonal Chairperson of Madurai East, expressed their disappointment for a lack of clear rules which govern dog ownership in the city. “Many adopt street dogs without understanding the responsibility involved. Some abandon pets when they pose a threat to public safety, such as biting incidents,” 

“Licensing should be introduced initially for foreign breeds. For better regulation, breeding and sales of rare dog breeds should be brought under GST,” K M Karthik, Trichy-based animal volunteer, said. “We will introduce the pet dog licensing system by passing a resolution in the council. The process will take shape once the election model code of conduct is lifted,” Dr T Manivannan, city health officer, said.



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