26 Sep

Karnataka: Online System for Stray Dog Adoption to be Launched Soon

People who are interested in adopting stray dogs can now register their names on this to-be-launched online scheme.

The state budget brought with some good news for dog lovers, as with it came the announcement of an online scheme for the care of stray dogs. Now, those who are interested in caring for and adopting strays can enroll their names online, and the authorities will do the needful and help them adopt strays.

The budget outlined a ?5 crore allotted to the development of the Mudhol Hound, which is a breed recognized as a native Indian breed of dog by the National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources.

The grant also contained further provisions, as this amount of ?5 crore will be provided to the Animal Welfare Board. The board has said it will soon launch mobile veterinary clinics, so stray or abandoned animals can receive any treatment they require on the go.

The move is a welcome one, as NGOs in Bengaluru have recently treated and cared for stray dogs who have been poisoned or abandoned, and the frequency of such incidents meant better provisions for the caring and safeguarding of animals was required.



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