26 Sep

GRT Hotels Open Up GReaT Trails Properties to Pets

With the number of pets per household steadily increasing, it is no surprise that establishments are making their services and grounds more pet friendly. In a bid to do so, GRT Hotels have opened the gates of their grandiose GReaT Trails Proprties to pets. Pets are now welcome in the nature-inspired properties at Yercaud, Kodaikanal, Wayanad, and Thanjavur from June 2023 onwards.

“We understand how hard it can be to leave behind a part of your family while you’re on holiday. The GRT hotels and resorts group believes in inclusivity, so it only made sense that we opened our venues to pets too. We believe this will bring a sense of positivity to the brand as a whole,” says Vikram Cotah, CEO of GRT Hotels and Resorts.

To keep pets comfortable during their stay, there are a host of provisions, including comfy pet beds, treats, mats, bowls, and collars with ID tags. Alongside the amenities, there is plenty to choose from when it comes to pampering your pet’s palate. Fish and rice, chicken and rice, mixed vegetables with rice, and mutton with rice are some of the healthy options, with wet and dry pet food by some of the top brands in the industry also being included on the options list.

While the properties are already grandiose and well-maintained, the group has ensured that the designated pet areas and rooms will be safe for pets and will be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis to keep track with the rigorous hygiene standards implemented by the GRT group. Pet parent are advised to carry documents containing details of your pet, such as a vaccination record to prove that the pet is free of any zoonotic disease.



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