13 Mar

Center Bans Import, Breeding & Sale of “Dangerous” Dog Breeds

UPDATE: Delhi High Court Overturns Centre’s Ban on ‘Dangerous’ & ‘Ferocious’ Dog Breeds

UPDATE: The Karnataka High Court has revoked the Central Government’s ban on 23 “Dangerous” or “ferocious” dog breeds, stating that “none of the stakeholders” were consulted during the decision-making process, especially pet owners and groups that represent pet owners.

New Delhi: Considering several fatalities caused by ferocious dog attacks, the Center has banned on the breeding, import, and sale of “ferocious” dog breeds like Pit Bulls, rottweilers, wolf dogs, and mastiffs. Such breeds are considered dangerous, and the center has now banned people from keeping such breeds as pets or any other purposes, stating they are “dangerous for human life”. The ban also extends to crossbreed dogs born from one or more of these breeds.

The department of animal husbandry and dairying requested local bodies not to issue licenses or permits for the sale or breeding of such dogs in a letter to states. The advisory comes after a report by a committee of experts and various animal welfare bodies was set up after an order by Delhi High Court. The department also said dangerous dog breeds already being kept as pets will be neutered/spayed to prohibit further breeding. 

According to an official release, the list of dangerous dog breeds (including mixed and cross breeds) include the Pitbull Terrier, Tosa Inu, American Staffordshire Terrier, Fila Brasileiro, Dogo Argentino, American Bulldog, Boesboel, Kangal, Central Asian Shepher Dog, Caucacian Shepherd Dog, South Russian Shepherd Dog, Tornjak, Sarplaninac, Japanese Tosa, Japanese Akits, Mastiffs, Rottweilers, Terriers, Rhodesian Rideback, Wolf Dogs, Canario, Akbash, Moscow Guard, Cane Corso, every breed of Bandog. "The local bodies may also issue necessary implementation guidelines," the letter said. The letter to states also drew attention to citizens and animal welfare organizations regarding the Delhi HC’s orders of banning such breeds as pets. 

Delhi HC, in its order of December 6, 2023, had stated, “That after consulting all stakeholders, the Union of India shall decide petitioner's representation as expeditiously possible, preferably, within three months”. The government has also requested states to ensure the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Rules 2017 (regarding dog breeding and marketing) and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Rules 2018 (Pet Shop) are implemented properly by the relevant state and local animal welfare boards. 



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