26 Sep

Animal-Assisted Therapy Moving Online All Due To Pandemic

The Pandemic has made us all function differently, more like in a way that we would have never imagined if not for the situation. A lot of things we must say, almost everything has moved online. From office work to management even to doctor consultation, the pandemic has made us go online. If all of this was not enough, it has recently been revealed that Animal-Assisted Therapy too is starting to move online.




While the whole idea of Animal-Assisted Therapy revolves around touch and senses, it is hard for the things to function this way. This is more so because Animal-Assisted Therapy is all about in-person contact with the therapy animals. But with the times and scenarios changing, the guidelines coming in and the priority of health safety, the mode of communication under the therapy had to be altered too.


Obviously, this is doable but certainly, the true essence remains missing. Not just this, it is also difficult to have the dogs sit in front of the screens for so long. Experts have come up with solution for the same as well. At times, the treats need to be stuck to the screen in order to have the attention of the dog on the screen. A lot of commands like STAY and SIT also came handy during these online session. However, cats are more likely to walk over the keyboard and disturb the set up.




Nevertheless, the therapy cannot be laid off especially during these times since animals-assisted therapy is all about getting the anxiety and stress off the shoulders of the people. There have been no stressful times but these uncertainties. Although the touch remains missing but things had to be altered with time



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