27 Oct

How to Safely Travel With Pets in Summer

Traveling with your pet during the summer season can prove to be harmful for the little fur baby due to excessive heat, long hours of travel, or packed airports. The effects can be short or long term on your pet’s health. No pet parents wants this for their beloved pet. However, you would hate to travel alone and leave your furry friend behind. In that case, you can keep a few pointers in mind to make travel safe and comfortable for your little baby during summers

1. Check airlines’ schedule and quota- Many reputed airlines have restrictions on travel time, the breeds that they will transport, travel hours, etc. when a pet is traveling via cargo cabins. The reason behind it is to prevent excessive heating of pets. It is your responsibility to keep up-to-date with such schedules and quotas and book a favorable flight for your baby accordingly.

2. Flight timings- It is necessary to keep the flight timings in mind as traveling with your pet during day timing can have various health issues for your pet. Hence, it is best to choose a flight at late hours when the temperature is lower so that the little guy feels comfortable and does not break a sweat.

3. Getting the right crate/kennel- It is true that getting a crate for your little baby is not rocket science. You can still look for a crate with multiple windows for ventilation, adequate space to keep water and food attached to the crate, and a give extra space for your pet to move around in it, making it the perfect crate.

4. Consultation with a vet- It is an absolute necessity that you take your pet for a vet consultation to ensure that your fur baby is fit to travel and can handle a little heat if need be. Only if your vet gives an affirmation, should you consider traveling with your pet in the summer season.

5. Pet grooming- When you are finally a few days from traveling, you should get your pet groomed. This will help in keeping your furry baby cool and comfortable. Just by keeping a few of these little ones, you can have a safe, comfortable, and a wonderful time traveling with your little beloved pet. Why let any weather or season stop you from taking your pet with you on an adventure?



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