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How to choose a veterinarian best suitable for your pet?

If you are someone who has ever found yourself looking for a veterinarian professional, you know how much of a challenge the task can be. There are numerous factors to consider before making a decision, such as how adept the staff are at handling pets and pet-related emergencies, or how close they are to your residence. The question then, is how to choose a veterinarian, one suited to your pet and their needs. How to find out whether a certain clinic is the right one? 

How to Choose a Veterinarian Professional

Regardless of circumstances, whether you’ve just brought your pet home, or if your vet clinic is no longer able to meet your needs due to logistics issues, you will have to look for a new vet. The type of vet you go to will also depend on your situation. If, for example, you have just brought home a new cat, then you will likely require a general clinic rather than a specialist. Your choice of vet will depend on your needs. If your pet routinely requires specialist attention, it’s wise to find a clinic with a specialist for your pup in relatively close proximity, so you can save time when an issue does present itself instead of hunting for a vet. 

As with most things, there are multiple options when it comes to a vet. Here are a few factors which may help you make a more informed decision:                                                                                    

  • Word of Mouth Recommendations 

If you happen to know a friend who is a pet parent in your vicinity, or if you know other parents in your area, you can ask them who their vet of choice is, and why they go to that specific clinic/vet. Word of mouth is an excellent way to find a place which the community relies on, and given their dependence on such a place, it is bound to be worth a look. 

  • Conduct an Online Background Check 

You can find practically everything you need to know about a particular veterinary clinic online. From their hours of operation to a basic check on their veterinarians, almost everything can be found through a quick search online. Check their reviews, and observe what fellow pet parents have to say about their services; it is unlikely someone would leave a neutral review on a service concerning their pet, so a veterinarian with a good rating may have a good track record. 

  • Look for Accreditation 

Always check whether the practitioners and clinics you’re sifting through are accredited. The Veterinary Council of India, under the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying, is responsible for evaluating a veterinarian and their clinic based on factors like patient care, staff quality, facilities, equipment, and more. 

  • Schedule a Phone Call 

Once you’ve had a chance to explore your available options, make a shortlist and get on the phone. Making a phone call in advance to get a few of your queries answered is always a good idea. Some vets will gladly oblige, while others may insist on you making an appointment for an in-person visit. Regardless of which it is, if you’re trying to narrow down a final choice, you can always ask them questions and express your concerns, and based on their responses, make a decision. 

Here are some questions you can ask a vet while you make up your mind: 

  • How many vets are present on site? 
  • Are the veterinary staff licensed? 
  • What services do they offer? Is it just veterinary services, or do they offer pet grooming, and                pet boarding facilities as well? 
  • Are there specialists on their staff? If not, is there a specialist they can recommend on short                notice if needed? 
  • Do they have the capacity to keep pets overnight? If so, what provisions do they have for the              same? 
  • Can the clinic offer testing, such as bloodwork, If the situation demands it? 
  • Do they have a pet ambulance or a similar facility? If not, is there another clinic or service                     provider in their vicinity? 

Take a Tour of the Clinic

A background check will help you ascertain whether a particular practice is legitimate, but visiting a clinic can help cement your decision. Before making a decision, visit a clinic; both with, and without your pet. Ask about their hours, how long is the waiting period, whether they are in a general clinic, how their bedside manners are, and the general environment. You can also have a look at the behaviour of the staff at this personal visit. Do they comfort pets and make them feel at ease? Are waiting areas roomy and comfortable, or cramped and miserable? The point of such a visit is for you to find a vet who suits you and your pet’s needs, someone who makes you feel at ease and comfortable. Remember, the relationship between a vet and a pet owner is often a long-term one, so you



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