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Grooming Essentials Every Dog Owner Should Have

Dogs are inquisitive creatures. Their enthusiasm for life is only matched by their mighty appetites, and this enthusiasm means they love to explore. Every dog owner will sympathise with the struggle that is keeping a pet dog clean, especially when their inquisitiveness leads them to some particularly un-clean places. As owners, it is our responsibility to keep our cuddly lovebugs clean and make sure they are groomed correctly.

Dog Grooming Essentials

Nobody likes a dirty dog on the couch or bed. While that may be the case, your dog’s nose will inevitably lead them to something they find interesting, but you find disgusting. A dog’s sense of smell is over 100,000 times more powerful than that of a human, and their adventurous noses often land in some not-so-clean places. It is up to us to make sure our dogs are well-groomed, clean, and healthy at all times.

If your future plans include pet travel, especially international pet relocation, you should know that some countries list parasite treatment as an import requirement, which includes ticks, fleas, and other internal parasites, so keep your pup clean to ensure smooth sailing.

Here Are A Few Grooming Essentials Every Dog Owner Should Have:

  • Brush – A hairbrush is a standard piece of equipment found in nearly every household. Since dogs are covered in fur, it is wise to opt for a high-quality brush as well as the correct one. Different dog breeds have different coats, which in turn require different attention and care. Your dog may have a thin coat, for which you only require one brush. Or perhaps your dog has a heavy coat which requires a different brush for various layers of undercoat. The brush you choose depends on your dog’s breed and coat type, just make sure you choose the correct one or you’ll run the risk of causing brush burn or infection.
  • Shampoo – A dirty dog is a happy dog, but also a messy one. The cleanliness of any household is important, and a happy dog jumping all over the house after running and rolling around on every surface imaginable is hardly practical. Once you manage to wrangle your pet and persuade them into taking a bath, you’ll need a high-quality dog shampoo to restore them to their previously clean state. Whatever shampoo you end up choosing, make sure you choose a product that is plant-based as opposed to chemical-based. You can also invest in a conditioner if your pet regularly has matted fur, just make sure any product you use to wash your dog is chemical-free and safe with no potential side effects or irritants.
  • Wipes – Bathing leads to a clean and fresh dog. Every dog owner can relate to the struggle of having just washed their dog, only for them to rush straight back into a puddle or pile of leaves. However, excessive bathing can lead to your pup’s skin drying up rather quickly, so you need an alternative way to clean them without going through the process of a whole bath. Pet grooming wipes can solve this issue, helping you make sure your dog is clean without the need for a bath. If your pup starts smelling damp, it is time for a quick rubdown before a shower later.
  • Flea & Tick Treatment – Muck and dirt aren’t the only things you need to cleanse your dog off before they can frolic indoors. The great outdoors is filled with unclean environments and undesirable parasites, which can pose a problem for your dog’s health. Fleas and ticks love to make their homes fur, so use anti-flea and tick treatment after a long day outdoors. Make sure the product you’re using is dog safe and appropriate for your dog’s coat type.
  • Fur clipper/trimmer –  If you’re the primary groomer of your dog, you should invest in a good set of hair clippers. Depending on the thickness/layers of your dog’s coat, choose the clipper that is ergonomic and comfortable to use. If your pup is nervous or anxious around loud noises made by machines like clippers, you should probably begin an acclimation process and slowly build up to the point where your pup isn’t bothered by the noise while being groomed.
  • Nail cutter – Depending on your dog’s relationship with a nail cutter, trimming their nails is either a breeze or a nightmare. Some dogs are more comfortable than others with the nail cutter but given a bit of time and an incentive (aka treats), even the most paranoid pup can be taught that the process isn’t anything to fear. Besides slowly acclimating them to the cutter to make them comfortable, you can choose a nail cutter made from stainless steel, so that the trimming is quick, painless, and precise.

Regular grooming is a necessary practice for all dog owners. Since we humans shower and freshen up periodically, it is only right to do the same for our four-legged friends. A clean dog is a healthy & happy dog (despite how happy they may look when caked in mud), and the onus is on the pet owner to make sure that their fur baby is always clean and well-groomed. 

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