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Essential Pet Products for Your Pet’s Safe and Smooth Journey

People have a habit of packing essentials before travelling to a new place. It is only natural, given that you don’t know if everything you deem to be a basic necessity will be available at your destination. The same goes for pet travel, even more so since some pet-centric equipment isn’t available everywhere conveniently. It’s easier to compile such essentials and make a simple checklist, so you can tick the equipment off as you acquire it. Here are a few essentials you will need to ensure a smooth journey with your pet.

Essentials for Pet Travel

1) Pet Passport

2 pet-passport

A pet passport is a rather important document, much the same way a passport is for us humans. A pet passport is a collection of important documents, such as a health certificate, vaccination record, and insurance paperwork. As the name suggests, it is akin to a passport, and therefore you must maintain it and keep it up to date. While a complete pet passport may not be required for domestic pet travel, your pet will not be permitted to travel internationally in the absence of a pet passport.

2) ISO Microchip

1 pet-microchipping

pet microchip is a tiny electronic chip, which is implanted on a pet underneath its skin. These chips measure roughly the same as a grain of rice and are differentiated by a Unique Identification Number. These chips require no power, and the unique identification number means no two microchips are the same. Once a chip is scanned, the unique chip number can be cross-referenced, and the pet/pet owner details can be used to get in touch with the owner. Microchipping is the only way a pet can be identified and is often a mandatory import/export requirement listed by countries when travelling with a pet.

3) Leash & Collar/Dog Tags


While a microchip serves as permanent proof of ID, it is a good idea to make sure your pet has a leash/harness/dog tag with their name on it. a leash and harness will also make it easier during rest and refreshment breaks and also help serve as an identifier if your pet ever wanders off and is found by someone not so tech-savvy.

4) IATA-accredited pet crate


When travelling with a pet, it is crucial to ensure their comfort and safety during transit. To make sure pets come to no harm, the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) has a set of guidelines for the container in which pets travel. IATA-accredited fibre crates ensure your pet has a safe journey and are bespoke for this purpose. Ranging from 21 to 48 inches in size, these crates are mandatory for all forms of air travel, whether domestic or international. Such a crate is also useful for road travel, on occasions where you must visit the vet or travel to a neighbouring city.

5) Absorbent Mats


An absorbent mat is used to line the inside of the crate, to provide some cushion during the journey and make sure the crate stays dry in case of any urine-related accidents. Made from a high-absorbent and quick-dry material, these mats make sure your pet’s journey isn’t spoiled by a damp & soggy crate.

6) Attachable water/food bowls


To ensure your pet doesn’t wander away during refreshments and to allow feeding on the go, attachable food and water bowls can be affixed to the door of an IATA-accredited pet crate.

7) Water & food


Regardless of the mode or whether you’re travelling locally or overseas, you should always carry some pet food with you when travelling with a pet. When travelling by air, you can leave food and freeze some water in their bowls to make sure they are not left wanting for either during their journey.

8) First aid kit


If you’re travelling by air, then the airline will provide this for your pet, if need be, in which case you don’t need to pack one of your own. However, as a general rule, it is wise to keep a basic first aid kit handy, especially at home or when travelling locally in a vehicle. Adhesive tape, cotton balls, an antibiotic spray/ointment, gauze, and non-stick bandages are all useful additions to first aid. Remember, a first aid kit is for immediate aid only, and you should head to your vet immediately if you suspect something is wrong with your pet or if they’ve been in an accident. 

Planning for travel is an important part of any journey, especially one being made with a pet. Provided you make sure to think ahead and make sure to carry all the essentials, you should have a safe and smooth journey. Always make sure to comply with the safety requirements and travel rules, regardless of the mode of travel.



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