23 Oct

Easy Tips for Safe and Comfortable Pet Travel During Winter

Winter calls for cause to travel to celebrate holidays with your loved ones. However, being a pet parent, you are well aware of how your pet behaves in your absence and it makes you wonder if you should leave your furry baby home alone or not. It is a good thing that you do not have to make that choice. However, the winter season brings shivers down everyone’s spines, be it you or your pet. Since you make sure that you wear enough layers to keep yourself warm, there are a few easy tips that you can follow to help your pet stay warm as well through the cold weather while travelling.

1. Choosing an Airline that Suits Your Pets Need


One important factor to remember while travelling with your pet in winter is the airline you choose for international pet transportation to countries like the UK, US, Germany, or UAE, among others. The reason behind it is that different airlines have distinctive regulations while transporting pets to another country depending upon the country the pet is traveling to.

The other thing that must be taken into notice is the cabin temperature. Some pets can keep themselves warm for a longer period than others. Most airlines take care of the cabin temperature by supplying warm air in the cabin to keep the travelers warm in flight.


One of the most important decisions that a pet parent has to make is to choose the right size of crate for their pet. A small-sized crate for a large-sized dog such as a German Shephard dog will lead the pet suffocate in the crate. It will cause injuries to the pet, make the whole journey uncomfortable for them, and vice versa. Especially in winters, the injuries will take a long time to heal. Hence, it is unsafe for your pet to travel in an incorrectly sized crate because it will cause harm to your pet.

Know how to choose the right-sized crate for your pet.

3. Proper Crate Training

Choosing the right sized crate is only half the work. After that, you need to train your pet in a way that they become comfortable with staying in a crate for a few hours at a stretch. If your pet is not trained to sit in a crate peacefully, it might lead to causing anxiety issues in your pet’s mind. So, it’ll be helpful for your pet to a great extent if you provide them with proper crate training. Here is everything you need to know about crate training.

4. Crate Equipped with Proper Facilities

Imagine that you are on board a flight. Would you be able to go 4-5 hours in a flight without food or water knowing that you can’t move from your seat? The same applies to your pet as well. The only difference is that the pets are locked in a pet crate. So, it becomes your duty to ensure that the pet crate is equipped with proper food and water arrangements, and has a comfortable mattress for your pet, an absorbing mat, and a few toys for your pets to keep them entertained will also help, and a piece of cloth with your fragrance in it to keep your pet calm in that isolated environment. If you are consulting with and availing services of any domestic/international pet relocation service providers, you should constantly keep in touch with the service providers to see that your pet’s needs are fulfilled.

5. Suitable Flight Timings

Since you will be travelling with your pet during winter, you will need to choose a flight time that accommodates your pet to travel when the atmospheric temperature is at the highest. It’ll help your pet in travelling with ease, keep them as warm as possible through the time of flight. You can always choose flight timing during mid day when the temperature is at highest.

6. Consultation with Experts

It’s your foremost responsibility as a pet parent to consult with needed experts in their respective fields before travelling with your pet. Be it a vet for health and medical check up, or an international pet moving expert for documentation process, or any other expert you need to consult to fulfill your pet’s needs. It is only after confirmation from the experts that your pet will have the safest and most comfortable journey possible because these experts will make the whole process easier for you. You will not have to run around completing all the tasks, experts in their related fields will do them for you. It will also save a lot of time you spend with your pet.

If you keep these tips in mind before you decide to travel with your pet, you will have a lovely travel time with your furry buddy. What are you waiting for now? Start packing your bags, and keep a little something extra for your pet.



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