28 Feb

Akasa Air Pet Travel Policy

Founded In 2021, Akasa Air is a brand-new, low-cost airline in India. Soon after their entry into the market, they commenced operations in August 2022, the inaugural journey being from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. Akasa Air is home to a fleet of 17 Boeing 737’s, and plan to add a new aircraft to their fleet every 2-3 weeks to keep on track with their ambitious growth.

As of February, they fly to and from 13 destinations, all domestic – Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Delhi, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Tripura, and Uttar Pradesh. Akasa initially offered 20 daily flights from Bangalore to these domestic destinations, with this number hitting over 50 daily flights by the time December came around.

Akasa also offers the provisions for pet transportation, and announced shortly after their first flights that pets would soon be able to fly on Akasa Air flights. They also announced that pets would also be allowed to fly in the cabin with passengers as well as the cargo hold, which is a rarity. Services for pets to fly with their parents commenced from November, with bookings for the same starting in October. Pets are permitted to travel as accompanied baggage or manifested cargo.

Pets do not fall under the free baggage allowance, and an extra charge is included, even if the passenger has no other luggage. Assistant dogs and guide dogs for the visually impaired are also allowed in the cabin. Currently, Akasa Air only allows pet dogs and cats to fly. You should book your pets flight at the same time as yours, and at least 48 hours before your intended travel date.

Pets will be accepted only when accompanied by valid health and rabies vaccination certificates, entry permits, and other documents required by the government of India for transit. Pets are accommodated on a first come first serve basis.

The weight limit (including the crate) is 7 KG if flying in cabin, and 32 KG if travelling as checked in luggage.

At the moment, two pets are allowed per flight: one in the cabin, and one in the cargo hold.

Mode of Travel Weight Limit
In cabin with passenger 7 KG Maximum
Check-in at airport 32 KG Maximum
Travel from cargo terminal 100 KG Maximum

An option for larger and heavier pets will be added soon. For now, pets over 32 KG and up to 100 KG can be sent via the cargo terminal.

Akasa Air only allows for pet travel when booked for in a timely fashion and through the correct channels. There are three ways to book a trip with your pet on Akasa:

  • Call the Akasa Air Care Center at +91 9606 11 21 31.
  • Visit the Akasa Air Airport ticketing office.
  • Make a booking at the cargo terminal (for pets exceeding 30 KG in weight).



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