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A Brief Introduction to Pet-Friendly Taxi Services

Historically, travelling with your pet around town has been a challenge. Most taxi and cab services typically turn pets away, refusing to drive them for various reasons. However, with the advent and growth of pet friendly taxi services throughout the country, pets can now enjoy a safe, comfortable journey with their pet parents.

There are several pet taxi service providers located throughout the country, with all of them promising a smooth, safe, and comfortable journey. They all promise a safe and accommodating journey for your pet, wherein any special requirements can be taken care of to ensure their comfort.

An Introduction to Pet Friendly Taxi Services in India

Pet taxi services are far from the newest thing in mobility. They have been steadily gaining traction since the turn of the century, and are now a mainstay in numerous countries, India included. There are a few reasons why pet taxis have steadily gained momentum over the years:

  • Safety: Pet taxis offer a safe environment for your travel. Unless you keep your pet in their crate while travelling by road, your pet can be a safety hazard, especially if you have a larger pet who cannot travel inside a crate. Distracted driving is dangerous, so pet taxis offer a safe alternative to driving with your pet and being distracted.
  • Convenience: Travelling to and from places where you cannot leave your car is the convenience pet taxis provide. If you’re heading to an airport, railway station, or a destination further away, it is likely a taxi will suit your needs better than your car.
  • Accessibility: As some people and pets need extra consideration due to medical conditions, a pet taxi makes for an easy way to travel stress-free.

How a Pet Taxi Works

Since most forms of private and public transportation impose limits on animal transportation, it can become an issue when you must travel with your pet; whether for a vet visit or just a day outdoors, you’ll eventually have to travel with your pet, and this is where a pet taxi comes to your service. Pet taxis are easy to charter. All you must do is look up the service you wish to hire, make a call/place a booking, and reserve a cab for the day you’re travelling. You will have to notify the service provider of your intended date and time of travel as well, if booking a cab for the relative future.  

Pet Taxi Service Charges

While there is no one set of prices for a pet taxi service, there are a few charges you can expect. Here are the charges you can expect on average:

Services Charges
Local Trips 18-27 per kilometer
Out of station trips 15-17 per kilometer
Waiting charges 100-120 per hour
Driver’s allowance 500 per day

Do remember that these rates are not fixed and are affected by various details. Some such details are as follows:

  • Size: The larger your pet, the more room they will require. Cab sizes affect rates, so the size of your pet impacts the cost.
  • Cab variant: Air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned cabs will charge different rates.
  • Fuel: Prices of diesel/petrol/CNG vary from region to region and may affect rates.
  • Network: Depending on the presence of a service provider in a specific state/city, prices may vary.
  • Travel Time: Time of travel matters, as a surge fee may sometimes be levied during peak or busy hours.
  • Intra State Travel: Toll, topography, and check post taxes can all contribute to the charges when travelling from one state to another.

Things to Remember Before Booking Services

There are multiple factors to account for while booking a pet taxi service. Safety is the first and foremost priority, so ensure the service you’re booking has a good reputation and track record with pet transportation, and if their credentials (license, insurance) are in order.

Make sure the company has a car that can accommodate your pet. Some service providers are particular about which seats of the car a pet can sit/stand on. Also, make sure to inform the company of any special needs/requirements to be kept in mind while driving your pet. As always, any booking will conclude with a quote. Ask about why a quote costs as much as it does; inquire about the price, whether it is on a distance basis or a time basis, whether the rates are even across the board or if they vary with weight. It’s a good idea to factor in driver expenses and allowance at this stage to avoid any unpleasant encounters at the end of the journey.

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