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Iberia Airlines Pet Policy

Iberia Airlines welcomes pets to travel on board. To make sure pets are comfortable on their journey, it is recommended that pet parents familiarize themselves with the rules for pet travel and make their bookings in a timely manner.

Iberia Airlines Terms for Acceptance in the Cabin

According to the Iberia Airlines Pet Policy, Pet dogs, cats, fish, tortoises, and birds (excluding birds of prey) are accepted in-cabin with prior approval. The agent at your check-in desk will ask for proof of compliance before filling the official IATA form; these are the rules you need to comply with to fly with your pet.

  • Maximum weight of 8 kg (including the container).
  • The maximum container dimensions of 45 cm (length) x 35 cm (width) x 25 cm (height). The sum of these dimensions should not be more than 105 cm.
  • The pet crate must be well constructed, well-ventilated, and with leak-proof floor.
  • Bird cages must be well-constructed with a secure lock, non-spillable food and drink, and a cover for the exterior of the cage. The cage must be covered at all times. 
  • Two small & lightweight animals of the same species can be transported in a single crate.
  • Pets must remain inside their containers for the duration of travel. 
  • Pets must not have any strong smells or odours that may inconvenience the passengers and crew. 

Terms for Acceptance in the Cargo Hold

Pet dogs and cats are welcome to travel in the cargo hold, with the exception of brachycephalic (snub-nosed) pets and animal breeds deemed to be dangerous. Your pet must be in an IATA-approved pet crate while travelling in the hold, which must comply with the following regulations of international pet travel and the Iberia Airlines Pet Policy:

  • The crate must be made of solid material and must have a secure locking system, ensuring that it always remains closed.
  • The animal travelling should be able to stand in a natural position, turn round and lie down.
  • The crate interior and exterior should not be damaged in a way that could potentially hurt your pet. Crates must be well-ventilated. 
  • The crate bottom must be waterproof and have a layer of insultation to avoid direct contact with the floor of the cargo hold.
  • The same carrier may be used to transport two adult animals accustomed to living together and weighing no more than 14 kg each, or three animals less than 6 months old and born in the same litter.
  • The maximum weight permitted is 45kg (pet + crate).
  • If you are taking a connecting flight, the transit time between flights must be no less than 90 minutes and no more than 4 hours.

Terms for Acceptance as Cargo (Unaccompanied Baggage)

If your pet cannot travel in the cabin or cargo hold with you on the same Iberia Airlines flight as you, you can transport them as cargo in the following situations:

  • If it weighs more than the permitted 45 kg (total weight of the animal plus carrier).
  • If there are legal entry restrictions for animals in the destination country or if they are only accepted as cargo.
  • If your dog/cat's breed has transport restrictions (breeds considered dangerous or brachycephalic dogs and cats).
  • If the animal does not belong to any of the species accepted.
  • If you need to send your pet on its own.

Make sure you comply with all the legal requirements for international pet travel and have all the relevant documents for your trip. Be sure to keep your pet passport up to date, along with requirements like health certificates. Make sure to check the pet import requirements of your destination, as they may require other tests or forms or certification before you can enter the country with your pet.



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