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A dream which started from the mere idea of solving the pet relocation problem faced by the pet parents in India, in the absence of any professional company that can address and caters to the growing need for pet relocation, led to the birth of Carry My Pet in 2019.

Carry My Pet, the first company in India to provide Domestic Pet Relocation across Pan India is an initiative of DBB Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. and a brainchild of the brother’s duo Mr. Faisal Islam and Mr. Aamir Islam. Being pet parents themselves of two beautiful felines named Snowy and Tabby, they are fully aware of all the needs and concerns of a pet owner. Together the duo is continuously working towards bridging the gap in the Indian market to cater to pet owners looking for a professional pet relocation service provider and in a short period Carry My Pet has become not just the best pet relocation company in India but also the most loved and trustworthy one.

Carry My Pet is a team of passionate pet lovers which aims to simplify not just the complex procedure of pet transportation in India by providing hassle-free pet services but also targets to provide a safe, trustworthy and affordable solution to our pet owners for their beloved pet.

Carry My Pet currently holds the number #1 title for International and Domestic pet relocation in India with operations in all major locations like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Pune, Telangana, Hyderabad, Kerala are few to name and not just that, Carry My Pet is also the leading international pet relocator from India and for bringing pets to India from around the world.

Carry My Pet, based on customers feedback and understanding decided to provide all pet transport solution under one roof, and helping our pet parents with comprehensive pet relocation plans which covers everything related to pet travel. Carry My Pet offer end to end solution for pet travel including providing vaccination consultation, NOC for international export and import, Microchipping the pet and carrying out Titre Test, which helped our pet owners from the hassle of talking to different service providers and saved their time and money in a big way.

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Managing Director/Co-founder

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