23 Oct

Why Does My Cat Behaves The Way It Does?

Cats have many perceptions lingered on them as facts which to break the stereotypes are actually myths. To get these adorable kittens understand better, Carry My Pet had on board, animal behavior expert, Dr Jo Righetti.

Here’s an abstract from the conversation. Let the expert do the talking and brush those myths away.

The Temperament of Cats

Behavior is always a mix of nature and nurture. Cats have their own temperaments but their environment will influence the expression of behavior. For example, jumping an climbing are natural behaviors of cats but if we don’t give them places to climb, they cannot express those behaviors.

If they are not introduced to experiences in a positive way when young, they will often show fear in these situations later. If you wish to cat to travel regularly with you, it would be best to start this early, while your cat is still a kitten. Make sure it is a positive experience for your cat.

It is never too late to start training your cat

Cats Love Routine

Cats like their routines and to feel safe and secure in their homes. When moving cats, it is often best to keep as many items and routines the same.

  • Feed them at the same time, out of the same bowls.
  • Keep their blankets or any other items they enjoy interacting with.
  • It can also help to introduce them gradually to a new space, one room at a time.
  • Pheromones like Feliway may help some cats remain calm.

Cat parents should be guided by their cat’s behavior. More confident cats can explore more quickly.Keeping up interactions with the cat, ones that they enjoy e.g.pats, should help

It’s Normal To Self Groom


Self grooming is a normal behavior for cats and helps keep their coats clean. Toileting, of course, is normal too. When either of these are performed excessively or, in the case of toileting, in the wrong location, this can be a sign of several things – a medical problem or often, stress. Best to consult a vet first, then a cat behaviorist for more help.

Cats Love to Play Too


Cats can be just as playful as dogs but it tends to be more on their terms. Gradually introduce them to a variety of toys, to see what they enjoy. Most enjoy chasing and pouncing. Even watching videos of other animals can entertain cats.

Good Sleep is a Must

Cats are predators who need a lot of sleep, just like big cats. They will only expend energy when they need or want to. Expect them to sleep 75% of the day. Often they will be active at nighttime and owners may need to encourage them to be active earlier in the day. Cats enjoy being up high, so giving them places to climb can keep them active. Also give them tunnels to explore and cat-friendly plants to nibble on.

Carnivore by Nature

Cats are obligate carnivores which means they need meat. Unlike dogs, they cannot survive on a vegetarian diet. Cats, and especially kittens, néed a high protein content in the diet. Without this, they may survive but they won’t thrive.Some cats eat anything and others are more fussy.

Neutering is Essential 

It is really important to have your cat neutered. This will keep them healthy and more likely to remain at home with you. Entire cats will wander and have litters every few months, from 4 months of age onwards. Owners should talk to their vet about this easy and common procedure.






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