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Pet Friendly Restaurants in India 2023

When we think of going out on a date, our brain automatically turns to the idea of an amazing view, a great ambiance, and delicious food. Some romantic set-up on top of all of it acts as a cherry on top.

Let us assume that you are, a pet parent, planning to go out on one such date. One thing that makes you question your decision would be a concern for your furry friend. “Who will take care of my baby while I am out?” Does this thought sound familiar? Do you have a hard time deciding on the right person to take care of your pet?

To a great extent, you are not alone. There are many pet parents who have to make this choice. The question is – why? Why to make a choice between going out on a date or spending time with your beloved pet?

There are wonderful restaurants which allow the visitors to take their pets along with them. Apart from taking your pets along on a date, you also have an option to plan an evening out with your furry friend. A little extra pampering the fur baby every once in a while can turn into an evening full of memories.

If you are confused about where to take your furry friend for a date or looking for pet- friendly restaurants in the big cities,

Here are some suggestions for pet-friendly restaurants.



Take your pupper along to Quick Brown Fox Coffee Roasters when needing a sweet treat. Gorge on their yummy treats or guzzle an awesome shake over some relaxed chitchat with your friends at this flighty bistro. The incredible part is that they additionally have gluten-free choices. Amazing, right?

2. Quick Brown Fox Coffee Roasters

Take your pupper along to Quick Brown Fox Coffee Roasters when needing a sweet treat. Gorge on their yummy treats or guzzle an awesome shake over some relaxed chitchat with your friends at this flighty bistro. The incredible part is that they additionally have gluten-free choices. Amazing, right?

3. Under the Neem

Considering putting a hold on from the hustle-clamor of the city? Go to this ideal spot to loosen up encompassed by lavish green nurseries. It has both indoor and outside seating and is perfectly planned with a chic stylistic layout. Your doggos have two choices, the Shakahari Bowl which includes a combo of grouped lentils, veggies and, rice and the Masahari that has destroyed chicken, veggies and, rice. You can partake in suppers set up with new veggies from their kitchen garden.


1. Doolally Taproom

Doolally Taproom across urban areas is perhaps the earliest spot to concoct a pet- accommodating energy. Believe it or not, Doolally is really pet-accommodating and at some random time you’ll find somewhere around one canine, or on the other hand if you’re fortunate, a pup, chilling there with its folks. Doolally in Andheri has its own pet feline, truth be told. Lager, house fries ,and pets, there’s nothing that we don’t cherish about old-fashioned Doolally.

2. Woodside Inn

The go-to choice for an extraordinary Sunday early lunch, Woodside Inn also is pet- friendly. Nonetheless, just on non-weekend days i.e from Monday to Friday and till 6 PM. Furthermore, on the off chance that your canine or feline is a fastidious eater, you’re allowed to convey pet food along, and feed it to them at the bar.

3. Leaping Windows

Jumping Windows is an adorable space brimming with waffles, books, and comics. A lovely thing about the space, besides the fact that it offers great espresso, is that it is great for brunching or chilling with companions. In any case, in particular, it permits us to spend time with our pets. In the space that is outside the bistro, anybody is allowed to get their pets along.


1. Art of Delight

This treat bar welcomes you and your pet to slobber over their delightful pastries, together. The spacious atmosphere implies there’s sufficient space for four legs, a tail, and moving about. You can have the best time with your furry friend there along with keeping things in a budget.

2. Green Theory

Take your pup along for a refreshing evening at Green Theory. The vegetation that encompasses this curious little bistro, which is set in a cabin, makes for an unwinding break. While you partake in the mainland vegan contributions from the kitchen, your buddy can relax in all the senses that the pet-cherishing proprietors and benefactors of the bistro give out.

3. Rasta Cafe

Found right external the city, Rasta Cafe gives a great escape for you and your dog. Situated on the Bangalore-Mysore interstate, the rambling space is ideal for a relaxing time between nibbles of the bistro’s tremendously cherished munchies.


1. The Green House

Whenever you crave for nachos, IPL matches, and Game of Thrones, spoil your canine companions or take them out on a play date. You’re protected at the Greenhouse. The bistro is isolated into four areas: a canine room, a banqueting space-a non-smoking region, beguiling swings to unwind, a parlor with an enormous TV, and a hookah room. They have in-house canine coaches who take brilliant care of the pets.

2. Throttle Shrottle

The rural outdoors energy of this biker’s bistro is super chill. You cross a little wooden extension and are invited by Piston, their Great Dane. Try not to be threatened by her size; she’s a darling! Go ahead and give her merited belly rub. They have two kitties that take cover behind the bicycles and show up every so often. Furthermore, you can’t get enough of the two white ducks that meander about all alone, making no clamor. As far as they might be concerned, there is without a doubt a lake in the middle, which adds excellence to the bistro’s climate.

3. The Love Room

In excess of nine canines and many felines living in the Love Room, Tollygunge’s roads are well known as Pet-accommodating bistros in Kolkata. Not each of the canines are available consistently; typically, a few are available. The inhabitant canines are Shadow- Shih Tzu, Gucci-Lhasa Apso, Ego-Siberian Husky, Barney-Golden Retriever, Gogo-Pug, Bruce-Lhasa Apso, Whiskey-Cocker Spaniel, Tipsy-Irish Setter, and Oreo-French Bull Dog.


1. Wild Garden Café at Amethyst

The Wild Garden Café is presumably the first bistro in Chennai to permit pets in the city. The bistro is a desert spring of green and quiet and even has a nursery complete with a lotus lake that pets will adore strolling through. Concerning the food, take your pick from pizzas, pasta, sandwiches, combination dishes, and sweets.

2. The Summer House Eatery

This wonderful diner in Alwarpet is ideally suited for a date with bae and your pupper. You can sit down outside and enjoy dishes like tacos, sweet and exquisite crepes, Korean Fried Chicken with sesame oil, and, surprisingly, a few Thai dishes.

3. PH Cafe

This bistro has an open air seating where you can bring your shaggy companion and live it up. Their morning meal choices are extraordinary however you can likewise enjoy an appropriate supper containing pasta, sandwiches, veggie lover steaks, fish, chicken dishes, sizzlers, and that’s just the beginning. The bistro closes at 9 pm, so drop in right on time assuming that you’re setting out there toward supper.


1. Gunpowder

One of the top choices in Assagao, North Goa, Gunpowder is home to numerous fuzzy companions. Luna and Queenie are their in-house doggos and are both very inquisitive and well-disposed. The delightful food and mixed drinks to the side, you can have your pet tag along.

2. Babazin's

Found near the Reis Magos Fort, the eatery has pleasant perspectives around the ocean and the nightfall. Babazin’s restricted menu is brimming with lip-smacking fish that you can get in light of accessibility. Even better, you can have your pet tag along, while you gorge on the flavorful prawn curry that is among the well-known decisions there.

3. Cafe Sussegado

Situated in Calangute, Cafe Sussegado Souza makes some finger-licking fish. Furthermore, in the event that their crab and prawn curries were adequately not, they’ve as of late given us more motivation to hover over them. They are pet-accommodating and you’re free to bring your shaggy sidekick along for a trip.

The next time you are wondering where to take your pet out for an eventful evening, or are planning to let your fur baby tag along on a date, do consider visiting one of these places if you are in town. Promise that you will not regret it.






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