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International Pet Flight Services From India to the U.A.E.

In recent years, Indian citizens have started migrating to the UAE for various reasons. A lot those people struggle with taking their pets with them due to one or more missed pre-requisites for international pet relocation to the UAE. The steps process and documentation involved are too much for any individual to handle. However, it is the pet who has to pay the price of a simple slip-up. 

Understanding the same issue, all the pre-requisites and regulations will be discussed thoroughly in this article, making the whole process clear to you.

Requirements for pet dog/ cat travel into the UAE

1. Microchip

UAE requires an ISO-compliant microchip, and the microchip number must be recorded correctly on all your pet’s documents. The chip is read by a scanner with which customs officials ascertain the identity of your pet.

2. Vaccinations

Pets travelling to the United Arab Emirates from low-risk countries must be vaccinated against rabies at least 21 days before the date of travel.

1. Mandatory vaccinations for pet dogs travelling to the UAE are: Canine Distemper Virus, Canine Parvo Virus, Infectious Canine Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Rabies.

2. Mandatory vaccinations for pet cats travelling to the UAE are: Rabies, Feline Panleukopenia, Feline Rhinotracheitis, Feline Calicivirus.

3. Updated and Detailed Vaccination Record

The vaccination record of the pet must be up-to-date with the following details

• Pet’s date of birth.
• Microchip number.
• Date of installation of microchip.
• Location of the microchip on pet’s body.
• Vaccination date.
• Vaccine manufacturer.
• Product name with sticker.
• Vaccine batch number.
• Date of manufacturing of the vaccination & valid until.
• Vet’s signature.
• Contact details of the owners.

4. Rabies Titer test

Pets travelling from high-risk countries need a rabies titer test in addition to the rabies vaccination. The sample for the titer test must be drawn at least 21 days after the date of rabies vaccination and sent to an authorized laboratory for analysis between 3-12 months of the date of travel. The level of antibodies in the sample must be at least 0.5 IU/ml for your pet to travel to UAE.

5. Import permit

Pets need an import permit to be able to enter the UAE from a different country.  The import permit is valid for 30 days after issue.

6. Parasite treatment

All pets travelling to the UAE must receive preventive treatments against internal and external parasites in the maximum 14 days before travel by an authorized vet.

7. International and the UAE Health Certificate

All pets travelling to the United Arab Emirates require an International health certificate & the UAE veterinary health certificate attested by a competent authority in the origin country.

8. Regulation for entering the UAE with pets:

Pets flying into the country must arrive as manifested air cargo and travel in the cargo hold of the aircraft.

9. Banned breeds:

The United Arab Emirates has breed-specific legislation that bans the import of certain aggressive dog breeds and are prohibited from entering the country.

10. A special regulation for cats only

An annex to the health certificate is required regarding Covid 19 attesting that “the animal has not been in contact with COVID-19 positive human or animal within at least 14 days before shipping or was isolated under our supervision for 14 days before shipping without showing symptoms of respiratory illness or it has been tested negative for COVID19 within 96 hours prior to travelling”

11. Documentation of Pet Owner

A copy of the passport, air ticket, and visa of the owner is mandatory to be produced as the Government of India does not allow a pet to travel or relocate to another country without the pet parent.

12. Crate Training:

You need to get the right sized crate for your pet and train them to get comfortable as they will spend the duration of travel in it. To read why crate training is important for your pet and how you can help your furry friend with it, click here. If you are struggling with measuring your pet size and need a guide, click here.

Hoping that this article helps you the next time you plan to take your beloved pet on an international journey to the UAE.

You can also get in touch with any international pet transportation agency to assist you with all the paperwork and transportation of your furry friend. A pet relocation export based in India who has a thorough knowledge of exporting pet to the UAE can guide you better. It will also give you time to make all the necessary arrangements for your own travel while an expert will take care of your pet’s travel needs.






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