23 Oct

International Pet Flight Services From India to Qatar

When you hear Qatar, the imagination of all the luxuries in life starts to form in one’s brain. Thus, upon getting an opportunity, deciding to relocate to Qatar is the only logical choice. However, another thought that follows if you are a pet parent is how to take your beloved pet with you. If you are looking for all the requirements that need to be fulfilled to take your pet with you to Qatar, you have come to the right place.

Here are all the requirements for pet dog/ cat travel to Qatar.

Pet Microchipping

Not only do you need to get your pet microchipped, but you also need to do so before or while giving a shot of rabies vaccination to your pet. Failure to follow the procedure as stated and you will have to get your pet vaccinated again. Hence, you need to pay attention during this part.

Updated Vaccination Record

The vaccination record of the pet must be up-to-date with the following details 

  • Pet’s date of birth.
  • Microchip number.
  • Date of installation of the microchip.
  • Location of the microchip on pet’s body.
  • Vaccination date.
  • Vaccine manufacturer.
  • Product name with the sticker.
  • Vaccine batch number.
  • Date of manufacturing of the vaccination & valid until.
  • Vet’s signature.
  • Contact details of the owners.

Export Health certification

An international Health certificate is required for the pet to enter Qatar.

Rabies Titer Test

Pet must have a blood sample taken at least 30 days after the rabies vaccination, send the blood sample to an EU-approved blood testing laboratory and pet must wait 3 months from the date the blood sample was taken before you travel.

Import Permit

An import permit must be obtained from the Department of Animal Resources before arrival in Qatar

Internal & External Parasite Treatment

It is recommended for all pets traveling to Qatar to administer preventive treatments against internal and external parasites shortly prior to travel by an authorized vet.

Documentation of Pet Owner

A copy of the passport, air ticket and visa of the owner is mandatory to be produced as the Government of India does not allow a pet to travel or relocate to another country without the pet parent.

Animal Quarantine

Pet may be put into quarantine or returned to the country of origin at the importer’s expense if a pet is not accompanied by complete documentation.

Entering Qatar

Pets flying into the country can arrive as cabin and accompanied baggage or as manifested air cargo.

Banned breeds

Qatar has breed-specific legislation that bans the import of certain aggressive dog breeds & is prohibited from entering the country.

Crate Training

You need to get the right-sized crate for your pet and train them to get comfortable as they will spend the duration of travel in it. To read why crate training is important for your pet and how you can help your furry friend with it, click here. If you are struggling with measuring your pet size and need a guide, click here.

The good news is that you do not have to worry about fulfilling any of these if you get in touch with a pet relocation service provider who can complete the whole process for you. By doing so, you will be able to make the whole process easier for you and your pet as well.






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